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Pisodeuorrior / 08 Nov 3305
Finally Home

I'm finally home. Isn't it beautiful?

The last dozen thousand years have been a slow gradient between nothing and oh there are humans here.

I started seeing the first Commander's tag about 12k light years from sol, then several from about 10k light year off. From then on, pretty much every system I jumped to had been visited and thoroughly scanned, so I have to say I haven't explored the last few thousend light years that much.

The very first sign of civilization was about 600 light years from my destination, when I was interdicted.

It was my first interaction with other ships in almost four months, nonetheless I clumsily managed to escape.

I've landed in Shinrarta Dezra, made some repairs, then jumped around to the systems controlled by Canonn to sell my data.

All in all this trip put more than 2 billion in my wallet, which is always a welcome side effect.

Now that I've arrived, I can share some of the numbers of this journey:

  •    Distance travelled: 438,448.66 ly
  •    Time travelled: 3 months and 26 days
  •    Systems Discovered First: 8594
  •    Payout: 2,015,027,499
  •    Scans: 29793
  •    Heat Sinks Used in Panic: 4
  •    Mapped Planets: 522
  •    Ammonia Worlds: 100 (yes, a nice even number)
  •    Earth Like Worlds: 48
  •    Water Worlds: 756
  •    High Metal Content Worlds: 3995
  •    Times Landed: 70
  •    Of Which Crash Landed: 4
  •    Hull at arrival: 54%
  •    Scooped Tons: 25972
  •    Galactic Records Discovered: At least 1, apparently!
  •    CQC hours played in the meantime: 1d 4h 52m
  •    Rank achieved: 34
  •    Kills: 374
  •    Deaths: 468
  •    Wins: 19
  •    Losses: 210
  •    Times I’ve realized I’m not that good yet at CQC: 468
  •    Player who has unrelentingly killed me more often: Musketeer

Paint at time of departure:

Paint after 438k ly:

Do you like it?

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