Logbook entry

Tredwell / 08 Nov 3305
Marco Qwent access

I was visiting a Guardian site recently and got attacked by some sentinels. The Point Defence did their job, but when I left the surface of Synuefe NL-N c23-4 there were some rumblings from the Power Plant. I tried to ignore it but it was there all the way back to Jameson Memorial. The mechanics said they could find nothing, but those noises were still in my head. One of the things I planned to do was visit Margo Qwent, a little G4 upgrade to the Power Plant might just cure the problem.

Looking him up on the Galaxy Map, I saw that he was based in the Sirius System. But that was a permit locked area. Unlocking it meant I would have to become Allied with the Sirius Corporation. Reviewing my logbook I soon became aware that I was currently Cordial – and no doubt that was as a result of recently taking up the allegiance to Li Yong-Rui. The task of becoming Allied looked like a lengthy process. Fortunately, Jameson Memorial has a great placed called the ‘Grease-Monkey-Bar-and Grill’, and I found a couple of CMDRs who talked me through their experience – one gave up while the other had persisted – head out to the Procyon System and dock at Davy Dock, the minor Factions there dish out missions to improve your reputation and eventually you will become Allied with the Sirius Corporation.

There were no missions to Davy Dock from Jameson Memorial, but I headed out there anyway. Oh Boy! The station was 9,339Ls from the star – not a flight I wanted to do frequently, I had better things to do. I could see why people gave up on the task of being Allied to the Sirius Corporation. Was there a better way? I returned to the ship and trawled through the Galaxy Map. The Sirius Corporation could be found trading from 22 stations, ranging from 5.23Ly and 495Ly from Sirius itself. Of those, seven were short hops, maximum 11.56Lys. Better still, some of the stations were located close to the stars and I wrote them down:

Well, I had no intention of doing planetary landings and Buchi City was too far from the star. That left me four ideal systems; Procyon, Luyten’s Star, Luhman 16 and Avik, with three ideal trading stations close to the stars.

I accepted a mission at Davy Dock heading out to Epsilion Eridani and there was a return mission to Procyon. I was on my way. Passengers and Data on my Computer saw me travelling in and out of Luyten’s Star mainly, and if there was no return mission, I headed back there anyway. I tried to say to myself, I was in no rush, but it began to get to me as I wrote up my missions in the ship's logbook. Ok, there was some money to be earnt – some of those passengers were willing to pay well over a million credits for a short trip - and I was clocking up some real cartographic information. The reputation gradually built up from Cordial to Friendly, and in a couple of instances, I took a double reputation for a reduced fee. It was 38 missions later that I made Allied status and the permit mission for Sirius popped up on the mission board at Davy Dock. It was a beauty; a mission to take rich tourists to Lalande 18115, 16.48 Ly, and they were prepared to pay me 368,032 credits, or alternatively, 33 Modular Terminals – the unlocking fee demanded by Marco Qwent was 25 – I kept calm, but nearly bit their hand off.

I flew back into the Sirius system, thinking I would be able to get immediate access to Marco, but there was no access. What I had I done wrong? I browsed through the mission board. There it was before my eyes. A specific mission to gain access to Marco Qwent; deliver some documents, (free of charge), to G14-14, at Ramon Hub, a mere 9.87Ly away. It was a case of Marco Qwent here I come.
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