Logbook entry

Willhelm Brockschmit / 08 Nov 3305
I have finally arrived in Colonia

After a long and tedious 4 1/2 day Journey spanning the distance of some 21000 light years with only two stops, one in Rohini and the other at Sacagawea Spaceport in the Skuadai sector for repairs and outfitting, I have arrived at Colonia Dream in Ratraii system. Bordering on the brink of space Madness as I jumped 25 light-years at a time from system to system, scooping fuel along the way, I made my way slowly but surely from the Diso / Leesti systems. Scanning every system I jumped through occasionally stopping to do a full scan of the system and maybe even map of few planets just for a change of pace, I discovered a few worlds but nothing of any importance. The journey was profitable as I was able to sell my cartographic data and the Squadron had some completed missions lined up for me to collect on when I arrived. It will not be cheap to have my ships transported 21000 light years but I have a good start towards getting them here. Now that I have arrived, it's time for a celebratory Colonial Bowl, and find the nearest repository so I can drop a giant Captain's Log!
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