Logbook entry

Adrella / 09 Nov 3305
Commander Adrella// Odyssey// 3305-11-08 - The Odyssey goes to war

A transmission came through from squadron HQ - Ghost Legion was required to join the fighting in the Shanluo Zi system. Luckily, I'd just refitted the Odyssey for combat. I brought Courtney Nixon, my fighter pilot, back onboard, and we plotted our course.

We dropped into the system and scanned the area, discovering there was fighting in the vicinity of the second planet orbiting the first star. The gas giant provided a stunning backdrop to the weapons systems lighting up the battling warships.

Courtney and I cut the FSD out early, just to make sure there were no issues with launching the Condor or power problems. Having completed our checks, we made the last hop into the conflict.

While we won the first fight, the Odyssey took some heavy hits. A remote fighter was also lost.

After falling back for some quick repairs, we rejoined the fighting. I ordered Courtney to stay with the ship at a distance of 15km, then took a fighter into the fray. Once I'd thinned out the enemy fighters, I got Courtney to bring in the Odyssey and we finished to job, driving the Crimson Transport and Co off.
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