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Kundalini / 09 Nov 3305
meeting with CMDR Validating

NORMA EXPANSE - somewhere in the unknown

Next waypoint is a class O star CMDR

- I think we have finished exploring the current star system, engage the procedure for the hyperdrive, standard protocol.

roger CMDR

Jumping to star systems is never  a routine while exploring, you always have that mix of hope (will I discover an astonishing star system ? ), fear (will my malfunctioning hyperdive bring me there ?) and realism (there is a high probability that there is just a single class O star, maybe already discovered)

As soon as the KS Takla-Makan made is entry in the star system, CMDR Kundalini  engaged the throttle and made a circumnavigation maneuver around the star while making a discovery scan.

- This system seems promising, there is a lot of astonomical objects.

CMDR I detect an anomaly

- Great news, I like anomalies !

CMDR it is not an astronomical anomaly, it is rather a human signal...it seems to be probes being launched.

- What, nobody has reached this system since the beginning of times, and you say there is another CMDR here, just now !

I can't be affirmative, we are too far away and the signal is very low.

- mark the source of the signal on the navigation pannel !

CMDR Kundalini engaged full throttle in the general direction of the marker, busy monitoring the increase of heat while scooping.

At this range we should have a signal, but there is none

- search for high wake.

there is no such signal CMDR

Even without having used the FSS, CMDR Kundalini knew that ahead there were an ammonia world.

- I will maneuver to the dark side of this planet.

CMDR, we have a low wake

Hearing these words, CMDR Kundalini  reduced the throttle and changed is course, not without a thrill. The krait phantom then dropped to the low wake.

We have no signal CMDR

- Bordel de merde !

CMDR Kundalini tried different settings of the sensors, honked, deployed the xeno scanner and the frame shift wake scanner like a fool.

- I carry all this useless stuff and the day I just need a valid scanner, nothing.

Sensors setted to maximum range, lights on, the KS Takla-Makan started to scan the area.

- I see like a deep black shadow standing still out here. As there is no signal the source should be nearing absolute zero.

KS Takla-Makan was just few meters away from the vessel, with full lights on it and stayed like this for a couple of minutes.

This vessel is silent running, I detect no damage nor caustic damages.

CMDR Kundalini never saw a vessel like this one, it was covered with a crust made of a mix of titanium rust (shouldn't exist) and what looks like xeno-fungus.

- Et maintenant on fait quoi ?

CMDR Kundalini positionned himself in front of the cockpit of the unknown vessel, with full lights on it.

- There is a CMDR and he is alive... I will try a military salute.

The opposite CMDR responded with a due o7, expelled a heat sink, and started to move away, charging the frame shift drive.

Once the mysterious stranger was somewhere between stars, CMDR Kundalini had these words that nobody could hear.

- Fly safe CMDR.
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CMDR Kundalini
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09 Nov 3305
meeting with CMDR Validating
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