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Praetorian_1974 / 11 Nov 3305
Got to start somewhere

A journey starts with the first step.

or does it? surely the journey starts with an idea....

I am not sure what to put here but I have an idea. the idea is to lay down what I am doing in the black - partly to remember what I did that worked, but also to remember what I did that did not work at the time, so I can either try something different, or (more likely) make sure I never try it again

so as my first log, lets get the basics down:

as the name suggests I was born in 1974. which makes me old enough to remember the original elite. I first played it on an Amiga, and later a BBC Micro (model B if you really need to know ) the game in the BBC came in at around 32kb and was nowhere near as big as it was now. but you could still do loads (but not land on planets )

I saw a few years ago Elite was back, and also saw it was available on the PS4 - so for nostalgia I bought it, tried a few of the training missions, remembered just how hard learning to play the game was and left it alone for about 2 years.

Then I took another look about 18 months ago, predominantly as I was looking for a challenge for a group of guys, and thought landing a ship in Elite would be a good one (it was BTW, it got rather competitive) and I foiund I started to get into the game.

I got myself a Cobra MkIII and kitted it out and flew a few missions - not really focusing on anything in particular, to get used to the new version, and what exactly I could do out there.

then I saw other ships, and though oooh shiny! how do I get them? and just when you though you were alone, an old school friend showed up and said Hi.

and became my mentor/ trainer on Elite dangerous (if you are new, I recommend finding someone to help show you the ropes - it really helps )

so what now?

well I still have my Cobra, and a couple of other ships, but my main focus now is learning the best way to mine void opals, low temperature diamonds etc, and planning a trip to SAG a*, just because it is there

so for now my posts will mainly be around mining and how I am doing it (probably badly, I am sure there are those out there who will say why are you using that load out - its rubbish. well maybe, but as I say I am learning - and one of the best ways of learning is by doing, often wrongly (that's what I am going be putting in here - the good and the bad)

anyway o7 commanders - see you out there

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11 Nov 3305
Got to start somewhere
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