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Godthab / 11 Nov 3305
Exploration record - Golconda the generation ship


Planet: B 3

Now that all those crazy frenzy around blight has been more or less settled, every CMDR - at least close to this one - appears to be slowly going back to normal, their normal operation, work - everyday's life.  This one is no exception of such. Still, two relatively big decisions were made.  Sooner or later, this one had to.

The first one is to purchase a new ship - solely dedicated to the combat activities.  For such matters, Quick Serpent - Viper Mk III - have been a good buddy.  She is super-zippy, so truly excellent at her maneuverability; still, durability and fuel-tank smallness have been giving this one a small but characteristic headache, to be honest.
This one must confess here, that at the docks of many space stations, he has always been fascinated with the dignity of Krait's presence. Sufficient credits have already been secured a good while ago, so the last one hurdle until owning the dignity was to make a decision whether to purchase Mk II or Phantom.  Purchasing both of them in one go - was not an option to him.  A ship is not a bunch of bananas but a gem.  You should value and care about it one by one.  Mk II was chosen this time, eventually.  Gave a vivid coloring to it, imagining fireball.

The second one is to join in a squadron.  This one has pondered and thought of joining a power, or siding empire/federation/alliance many times - but, none of them felt proper and legit to him.  He has been a freelancer, he is, and he will always be.   Such thoughts brought him to the alliance of freelancers, and the other day, going through a couple of pre-checks he got successfully registered.  It appears there are a lot of things he could do within the squadron.  First he needs to read through a lot of documents, anyway.

And just last week at the bar, this one heard of the generation ship Golconda. The generation ship.  He never thought the active one would even exist.  In his understanding, generation ships are the ones launched sometime around 2100 or so.  That's more than 1000 years ago.  He knows there was this religion in Earth, describing living things who survived the catastrophe in one huge ship - so the basic idea of survival method is the same.  They have self-sufficient system within the ship.  It can be understandable system-wise, but it is simply breathtaking, that they have been managing to maintain the system for more than ten centuries, beyond generations.

Driving Vicious Serpent (ASPE) this one flew to Upaniklis system, to around the planet B3, to see the actual Golconda. It was floating there, surrounded by numerous number of other curious ships.  Apparently the outside of the ship was unbelievably maintained well - perhaps, repairing devices (limpets?) are working well just as expected.  The ship was in the shape of two huge wheels, and from the shaft between the wheels two hemisphere bio-dome like places were seen.  Obviously they were cultivating a good amount of crops there, but no human being like presence was seen at all.

By scanning the ship with the data link scanner, just as this one expected, it turned out the ship log uplink devices were available across the ship body.  There were 5 of them in total.  Collecting all of them were a bit challenging since data link scanner did not work until you get really close to the target - like within 200 meters range.

After flying from the top down to the bottom of the ship, this one managed to collect all the log data. Using the computer system in the ship, he combined 5 divided data into one so that he could read the entire message.  Five different persons were writing what they thought they had to convey outside the ship.

- Jonathon Forester (Captain)
- Dr Shay Tandis
- Ric Blanchard (Security Chief)
- Erin Grey (Custodian)
- Somas Cobb (Chaplain)

Jonathon's message fully describes overview of Golconda's status - referring to the facts that supplies are running low and a Flu-like fatal symptoms are bugging people.  Dr. Tandis further explains the details of the disease - "the wasting kiss."  Already 6 people died, he says.  Ric reminds and highlights listeners as to what Golconda needs and what Golconda does not.  Erin's aid request is written in a rather emotional manner, and Somas' words look to be almost spiritual.   Wording is done in five different ways, but every one of them seemed to have mixed feelings of expectation and anxiety toward requesting for aid outside the ship.

There are two ways to support this millenarian legendary ship, either by delivering goods to the nearest station or guarding such delivery ships from the violent threats.  Perhaps for this one, it is time to do a stretching exercise with Quick Serpent Mk II.

CMDR Godthab out.

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