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Jade Merrydown / 12 Nov 3305
Entry 1

Where to begin? I suppose the date is November 12, 3305 and the time is 7pm, is that a good way to start this?. Honestly I'm not even sure it matters, but we'll see where this goes. This'll be my first log ever since the accident out in deep space where I lost my eye, The alliance Doctors did a good job with the replacement, even if it's the wrong colour, it works if nothing else, so I suppose that's a good thing.

With that I've finally declared my allegiance to one of the powers in the galaxy, The Alliance. Many would ask why but honestly, I don't much care what others will think. The Empire are a bunch of slaving monsters, and The Federation are more concerned about making credits than looking after the well-being of their people.

I've been flying freight for a while now at least a month of so, but I've been flying an Alliance Chieftain on the side. I'm getting pretty effective in combat but I wouldn't call myself an ace or anything! Anyway, I'll be making more entries later on, don't expect these daily or anything.
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CMDR Jade Merrydown
Trader / Freelancer
12 Nov 3305
Entry 1
Jade Merrydown
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