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Vel Eshti / 13 Nov 3305
Pegasus Run 3305 - Destination Colonia

Day 37

Yesterday I arrived at Preou Thoe DV-P d5-4 (WP4) without any additional "fun stuff" since dropping into Explorer's End. Since then I've been scheming, plotting, arguing, and trying to justify when to go to Colonia. It is pretty much decided I will go but the urge is on me to go now before I change my mind again.

Ideally, I could wait until I reach expedition WP5, which is astronomically closer to Colonia than where I am now, but that is another near 12,000 LY away.  My inner logician cries b.s.  If I go direct from here, I will reduce the total trip by 7,000 LY and have nearly two weeks to negotiate with engineers, retrofit the 'vette, and be back to WP5 before the mass jump festivities on the 23rd (Nov).

Left shoulder pilot says, "But you can stay here for mass jump festivities on the 9th, fly and explore to WP5 normally.  WP5 to Colonia; retrofit; return to WP6."

Right shoulder pilot says, "Might lose the resolve to go by then. Plus, that's another two weeks with crap internals."

Left shoulder pilot shrugs and says, "Frag it, let's go."  Right shoulder pilot nods smugly.

So, I guess it's decided.  We go as soon as I've finished a nap.

Day 39

Got up this morning and checked the near neighborhood message traffic. I see one from CMDR Flemish Jack reporting that he isn't crazy after all. "..suspected stowaway is real." Wait. What? "Will report to WP4 tomorrow. Going directly to WP5 and on to Colonia for <reasons>. Details to follow."

There is a precedent in our back history that makes me wonder if he really has cracked this time. But, that's his story to tell. For now I have decide to amuse myself and annoy him by coding my reply in Morse:

Congratulations on your happy addition[STOP] Absent crazy not likely[STOP] Just keep telling yourself that buddy[STOP] Do not ever[STOP]

I did sleep over on a very nice ringed moon. Before hitting the bunk I went out in the SRV to enjoy the native camp fires and watch the sunset casting the moon's shadow across the ring.

Day 40

The trip so far hasn't been bad at all for a ship averaging 39 to 41 light years per jump. There has also been a healthy number of neutron stars to boost off of.  I expect to make dock at Vihara Gate shortly.

I will say that Explorer's End seems to continue to haunt me. Been dropping into a higher than average number of hair raising binary and trinary systems.  Enough to start to feeling really paranoid about falling into a star. I did remember to take pictures of some of the better examples.

Binary K class stars.

This one blasted me out of complacency.

Binary K class and pulsar type neutron star.  Very nice.

Day 40 - Late Evening

Hooray! I have arrived at Vihara Gate. I'll take my time here and be in Colonia by tomorrow evening. Raising a dram for you, CMDRs.  Cheers.

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