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Rex-Cramer / 18 Nov 3305
Running the Rat Race

======= Ships Log (3305-11-17) Narada, Dryoo Prou Region ========

The last week has been a grind of contract delivery missions in our new Type-9.  Even with the reduced pad options this ship has almost paid for itself by ingesting the full contents of many cargo courier missions as well as handling a number of contracts meant for teams.  Up to 2076 tons can be moved in 3 trips, 2768 tons at our maximum commitment of 4 runs.  Those contracts can be lucrative even for a solo commander.  We've been working to expand our circle of allies but naturally that also makes us a target for a few that live by attacking that commerce.  Kaylen is earning her pay again as my fighter pilot on runs with the Sasquatch.  She's a major asset as this lumbering beast simply can not evade some interdictions, and we may end up fighting it out.   In one encounter we fought off a Krait MkII and it's companion Eagle.  Took some damage but held onto the cargo and made our delivery as promised.  The Eagle went down quick but that Krait was packed with SCBs so it took some hard fighting to bring it down.  While not the most stimulating of flying I do enjoy popping into the various ports and seeing what the rest of Colonia has to offer.

After fighting off swarms of pirates hauling the mail, it was with a bit of satisfaction that I met up with some old friends who had contracts to take down some of the worst offenders and put a dent in their gangs.  It's been a while since I dusted off Frodo, that big-footed beast of a Challenger and put her to work.  Some additional work and engineering has gone into her since the late unpleasantness and I think she handles and fights even better now.  I loaded her up with frag canons and rapid fire pulse lasers.  She can do significant damage as long as I can grab onto the prey and hold on.  With her nimble handling, more often than not, I can.  I winged up with the team and we put the screws to a large number of pirates haunting the local mining hot-spots and took out a few high-value targets as well.  It was satisfying to see those that prey on others, flee, pray, beg and cry for once.  Good money too, paid for some armor on that bullet magnet T-9!

I decided to head out again for our remote mining locations.  Been out for 2 days so far and all has gone well.  Still working to reach that goal of 3x assets in credits on hand.  With the still outstanding options on the company that has been my goal.  Each big belly full of cargo in Narada has pulled that goal closer to reach.  Because of this, we are currently planning no more expansion of the fleet hulls at this time.  Our only upcoming project will be obtaining the hardware to refit Narada for the return to the main bubble.  There is business we need to finish there and Narada will be my ride there and back.  

We have reached about 50% of that credit goal as of now.  Still continuing to explore the white dwarf systems in this region and greatly enjoying the experience.  Headed back to Colonia for a bit and taking some much needed time off to do a bit of primitive hunting.

CMDR R. Cramer
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