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ParkTyGreen / 20 Nov 3305

Tiberius Captain’s Log - 20th of November 3305
Cowper Dock, Anima

The Tiberius has proven to be a revolving door when it comes to crew. Claude Sloane is the only one who has stayed for any good length of time, while everyone else is either dead or probably dead. In that regard, Myra left after less than a week for “personal matters.” She didn’t ask for any pay before leaving, though. It was bound to happen anyways. She was just here for what amounted to experience. Never really distinguished herself, just did her work and did it to satisfaction. I’m not one to ask for help, so I’ll just see if I can find anyone on the next station we visit.

With regards to the ship, she’s a menace in combat now. Finally got a message from that stubborn fool Selene Jean, after 500 tons of rock mined. In addition, I had to cough up 10 units of painite, as if it wasn’t already back-breaking enough. But all the work was worth it. The hull can soak up almost anything now, and it’d surprise me if anything like what happened in Upaniklis happened again. In addition, I went back over to Deciat and saw Felicity Farseer, who was able to upgrade the ship’s drives to get her to over 480 m/s with boost. The drives run dirty now, but the ship is more manoeuvrable and blisteringly fast than ever before. In fact, the first time I tested her new speed out, I nearly blacked out and maybe almost had a stroke because of the rapid acceleration I was simply not used to. Sloane, for whatever reason, was fine.

Headed back over to Anima, and man, the Tiberius is now a brutal combat vessel. Refitted her with combat weaponry and internals, with twin multi-cannons, twin beam lasers, and a plasma accelerator.

Planning on heading back over to Upaniklis, (the empire and feds are competing over how to handle the Golconda, empire wants to give them a planet, feds want to give them a station and preserve their way of life.) I haven’t decided which side to support, but I’m leaning more toward the federal option. They have a generations-old way of life, and it’s not right to uproot them and plant them on some random planet. Anyways, I know I said I’d never go back there, but I’m certain that the Tiberius, and myself, are ready for whatever there is to encounter. Maybe I could even give ExaltedHierarch a run for his money.

That’s more reason to go there. With the Tiberius in A-rated, state-of-the art, pristine condition, I’m confident I can make that bastard pay for what he did.
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