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Jonny_saturn / 29 Nov 3305
A night in the cooler (well, a few hours anyway)

I continue to fight the Thargoid scouts solo, while Raven, my new Thargoid hunting partner, works away at her new ship, preparing for interceptor encounters in a few days time. There has been a slight change of plan – she has managed to sell her damaged Dropship for parts and with a little financial help from me, has upgraded to a new Assault ship. Its still a loan (she insists), but I’m happy for her to take it as my contribution to the on-going war.

I made the mistake of dropping into a non-human signal source and targeting the wrong ship. Two friendly human ships were making their escape from the zone, while 6 or 7 Thargoid scouts opened fire. There was already wreckage and debris everywhere, with missiles and weapons fire going off too. In the confusion, I locked onto one of the friendlies by mistake and opened fire. I realized what I was doing as they low-waked out of there, quickly locking off and onto a scout. I think they both got away ok, I hope, but I certainly must have caused some damage to one of them. After fighting off the scouts, I limped back to Reek’s Rest for repairs and restock of ammo, but I was met with the system security folk who took me in for questioning. My actions has not gone un-noticed.

I was taken to a prison ship, the Penitent, in a nearby system. I then had to sign lots of paperwork, pay fines and legal costs. But after reviewing my logs and realizing that this was a genuine mistake, and having knocked up hundreds of scout kills recently, the authorities were very understanding about the whole incident, even having a bit of a laugh and joke with me as I returned to the Krait.

Flying out from the Penitent, I saw a lot more non-human signal sources of the right threat level. The Penitent also has outfitting and a shipyard of sorts. There are not many ships available, but a shipyard means you can call your other ships in, useful for calling in my DBX for running errands in the local area. The Penitent becomes my base for the next few days.
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