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EvilWasper / 30 Nov 3305
Rise up now. Never surrender!

Free people of Geidmara led by Jet Dragons organization overthrew Federation democracy corrupt and stupid government. Jet Dragons forces triumphed in a conflict against invaders from Tenchu. It was really surprising how quickly these people fully rebuilt and reinforced forces. I was used to see such determination in Imperial legions but these are independent and still poor people. There must be something more behind it. Anyway, this is a place where I found new friends, new home, new family.

This will not be replace one government and their laws with another government and another form of regulation. These people want be free and live only with basic rules but no laws from government. It is pretty nice to see their new logo "Rise up now. Never surrender." placed on entrance to Ferguson dock orbital station. It perfectly represent their determination and energy. Our squadron will do as much as possible to help free people of Geidmara live their dream. Secure control of the system and then use more "opportunities" in neighbouring systems. We are not afraid of powerful superpowers. They can fight against us and for some time occupy again our stations and bases but we will be always here to return and fight them and force them out of the system.

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CMDR EvilWasper
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06 Dec 3305
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30 Nov 3305
Rise up now. Never surrender!
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19 Nov 3305
17 Nov 3305
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11 Nov 3305
Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby
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