Logbook entry

Shadywack / 30 Nov 3305
DW2 - From Colonia to Beagle Point, then the voyage home.

Oh my, the space madness subsided. I've been in the bubble for a while now, my therapist has told me it's a good idea to be around people again. I had some friends visit me and check up on me about my mental health.

After Explorer's Anchorage, I suffered a complete mental breakdown. 30,000 light years of travel, and I went insane after just five thousand.

To catch this diary back up, I'll continue from Colonia to Sag A. Colonia was amazing, it's really become a vibrant and thriving civilization away from civilization. They have and make everything they need, save for the most advanced modules and engineering. To be fair though, they are catching up to the bubble rapidly. There may even be a time when advances come from Colonia back to the bubble. The fleet didn't have a waypoint in Colonia, but most of the fleet went there anyway on the way to Sag A.

Sag A, what a wonder. The station and its assembly modules started off rather quaint, but rapidly as the station pieces arrived it was a marvel to watch the assembly. Once the habitation ring completed the community goal was in full swing. We didn't quite have the thunder of the original mining CG for the station pieces themselves, but we did set the second biggest construction project in history into motion with all considerable might. We had thousands of ships immediately begin surveying and coordinating material sources, and it didn't take long to start seeing massive tonnages within 24 hours.

After we completed the CG, we took back to the journey and started toward Beagle Point again. To be honest the loneliness really set in deep. During the trip to Sag A the fleet was much more cohesive and "one". We were always within company of each other as the flotilla went from waypoint to waypoint. After Sag A, however, the fleet dispersed much more as the waypoints were so far apart from each other. It would take some people the full two weeks to get from seven to eight, some people got there in a matter of hours.

Once we reached Beagle Point, however, the flotilla was only made whole for a short while. I got to watch as commanders jettisoned wine cannisters, and the expedition organizers were quick to set up a provisional arrivals office. One of the best feelings in the world was receiving my certificate of completion.

I spent only about two weeks in The Abyss, before turning the Renovatio back toward home. I plotted a course back to Explorer's Anchorage and proceeded to jump, furious with space madness at this point I lost touch with a good amount of reality. When I docked at the station, apparently I was raving about the thargoid attacks. I don't recall the incident.

After returning to the bubble, I put my now considerable finances toward the commission of a private fleet of ships for various roles. I worked for the Federation for a time rescuing people in the Witch Head Nebula until I was ranked enough to buy a Federal Corvette.

Now, however, in the aftermath of everything.....my eyes are fixating once again on the horizons. I am looking to set back out again, and embrace another adventure.
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