Logbook entry

Outuni Mesen / 01 Dec 3305
Journey to "Amundsen's Star" - The southern End of the Milky Way

Earlier today I have reached "Amundsen's Star" after a long journey.

The System Lyed YJ-I d9-0 is nestled within the Outer Arm Vacuus and marks, with a distance of 16.900 LY, the most southern system from Sol currently reachable.
.... at least I did found no way to go further.

When I started the journey, it was not actually my intention to move that far south. Distant Worlds 2 I had to abort midway, but and I felt the urge to go out again on a new exploration tour.
My previous tours took me all to the north, so this time I thought "Why not go south for a change?"

The choice of my exploration vessel was clear: It would be the Krait Phantom "VOYAGER" again.
This ship did well during the previous Distant Worlds 2 expedition. With about 65 LY Jump range it is more that suitable to reach most of the most remote areas within the Milky Way. For safety reasons, knowing my reckless SRV driving style, I equipped a second SRV bay this time, along with a AFMU and a small cargo rack with hull repair limpets.

I was inspired by Commander Vitamin Arrr and his journey to visit the NGC 1893 star cluster.

credit to CMDR Vitamin Arrr

I have spent about a week within the NGC 1893 star cluster region and was able to make some nice first discoveries.
The most notable discovery was a ringed Earth Like World I found, among several of terraformable Water Worlds and high metal content planets.

Now I had to make a decision to either return, or to extend this exploration tour further.
Since the VOYAGER was still in good shape and both of my SRV's are still intact, i took the opportunity to go deeper south and move along the southern edge of the Outer Arm Vacuus toward the most south reachable point on the Milky Way.

This part of my journey was quite unspectacular with a few stops on landable planets.
Most systems, on my ~10.000 LY long route to southeast,  was not touched by any other explorer. This gave me some true ."...to boldly go where no man has gone before..." feeling during the week that it took me to get to my current location.

The Amundsen's Star is located at the southwest tip of a region named "Exteriores Australis" (credit to EDDiscovery map) and was first discovered by CMDR Allitnil.

The view back to the Milky Way

Aside of a landable low gravity planet within the star system, there is also a surprise (at least it was for me), as you can find a Notable Stellar Phenomena in it.
It looks very amazing and was a absolutely stunning experience for me to discover it.

How I got there:

As entry beacon I used the system Lyed KX-A c27-0, also known as "Shackleton's Star".
This was the most southern reachable edge of the Milky Way before the Guardian Technology and Engineering was discovered.

From there are about 5-6 jumps needed that are over 70LY, and one jump around 92LY, to reach the system. Nothing really spectacular, as long you carry around enough injections for your FSD. Since every star on the route is scoop able for fuel, you can extend your jump range by just keeping a minimum fuel level in your tank. This can make the difference if you need to use a higher grade FSD injection, or you can still use the basic one.

What will I do next?

At this time I am uncertain if I go further east, or if i head back to Sol. I will decide in the next few days.
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