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Xexxzys / 02 Dec 3305
The Black, The First Time

Well, I went to see Hera Tani, and Marco Qwent.  Hera wasnt too bad of an engineer, as she made my AspX break 40Ly...without any real other mods that is.  Qwent, well that guy was such a....I dont even want to say.  He's a total discrace to the engineering profession.  He wanted 25 units of modular terminals up front...and I didnt even get my power distributor anywhere near Grade 5!!  According to a blog, he's a tech guru??  Thats insane!! That guy is a total lazy goof!

Well, enough of that venting....at least he gave me a contact for Professor Palin.  Palin seems like a decent engineer, who's willing to upgrade my thrusters to Grade 5.  However, I have to prove my expedition skills and travel 5Kly from the bubble, where I started.  I'm glad I aced the survival techniques in school, it will come in handy if I need it.

Speaking of which...Jackson's Lighthouse.  It seemed daunting going through that Neutron Star, though my training kicked in and did exactly what I was taught...bow of the ship towards the tail of the star.  I didn't come out with a scratch, and travelled approximately 250 ly.  That was an insane ride!!  All thanks to the people at DeLacy for the Phantom, they built a great ship.  I'm kinda glad I ditched my AspX for it.  Don't get me wrong though, the AspX is a great ship.  I just don't like the design very much, and a lack of an optional internal.  Also, it looks like a giant wood tick..I mean, who designed that thing??  To be honest, I won't get rid of my AspX.  I'm turning it into a research vessel to use with the Thargoids and other alien lifeforms, to see what I can learn.

That's it for the night, I'll fly some more into the dark towards Beta Site at Jellyfish Sector FB-X c1-5...or maybe beyond (just a bit though).

Fly Safe o7
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