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AustralianChaos / 02 Dec 3305
Royal Serenity; Day 41 - Hunted

December 2, 3305
Day 41: Hunted

(Correction from last entry: Logbook was erroneously marked as Day 30 of my Royal Serenity entries, when it was Day 39)

If I’m being perfectly honest, the politics of supporting Aisling is admittedly getting tiring. I don’t mind the work...it’s why I became a pilot. I find the rhythm of jumping from system to system soothing, especially with my chosen music playing in the cockpit. But even Princess Aisling can’t avoid the petty scheming of politics, and working for them is distasteful, especially knowing the Princess wouldn’t approve of many of them. But working for the Princess directly isn’t an option, and I made an agreement to work for her support groups and backers until the end of the year, so I have to tough it out.

In the meantime, today presented me with an interesting incident. Doing one of my by now standard missions across Aisling’s corner of the galaxy, I had an interesting interdiction...normally in the case of your average pirate trying to ambush me I find it easy enough to pull away and run, especially given how surprisingly nimble the Serenity is. But the voice blaring through the comms wasn’t the usual pirate related demands of the contents of my holds, and turning my scanners back on the interdictor gave a result suggesting it was a ship loyal to another power faction trying to disrupt the Princess’ efforts. For the sake of avoiding more conflict than I’ve already had, I won’t list this person’s associations, or those of the others who attacked me, but the scans were displaying them as wanted by the local authorities as well, so I submitted to the interdiction.

Now, I’m sure most reading this know I’m an explorer at heart, not exactly prone to combat. But I’ve run plenty of simulations, and done some pirate hunting for my friends and contacts back in Kunti...and while the Serenity’s primary role is essentially a glorified courier for the Princess, she has teeth...which this would-be assassin learned the hard way. As unpleasant as such business is, it was nice to have my investment in heavier armour and weapons justified. I had been considering refitting the ship with more cargo space to make my courier jobs a bit more efficient, but I think after today I’ll keep it like this.

The moral of the story today is not to assume an exploration or cargo ship is completely helpless. I may be a peaceful pilot at heart, but I won’t hesitate to knock a pirate down if they threaten me. It’s really simple...treat me with kindness, and you get kindness back. Still, not going to say no to some bounty credits, and I get to move on and keep working.

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
02/12/3305 0600
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