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WastedInside / 02 Dec 3305
I miss bright stars

Couple of days ago I took my friend, CMDR Jower214 outside of the Bubble for his very first time to gather raw materials, HIP 36601 was a perfect destination for that. It was a great opportunity to show him basics of exploration and dangers it holds. We spent few days in there gathering and fooling around in our SRVs. Of course it being his first time so far out, accidents were unavoidable, but in the end of the day we were fine, nothing repair limpets or quick return from the Bubble with a new ship couldn't fix.

After we were done with materials we took a small detour to Outotz KM-D d12-9 to check out Metallic Crystals.

These couple of days reminded me how much I enjoy exploration, how exciting my trip to Colonia and SagA was.  After getting his AspX destroyed, CMDR Jower returned with his DBX, the same ship I used for months in my previous trips and now I can't stop thinking about returning. CMDR Jower will be going back to his home system, probably today, but I'm not sure if I want to... I'm already in my new exploration Phantom, I have plenty of jumprange to quickly visit SagA using neutron boosts and get back to the Bubble while CMDR Jower finishes engineering his own exploration ship for our future trip to Colonia. I know at least one of my squadron members also is somewhere around there so it might be a great opportunity to finally meet and say hello.
Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do! Life in The Bubble is nice and all, food for sure is better, but there's just nothing quite like those bright stars...

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CMDR WastedInside
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02 Dec 3305
I miss bright stars
27 Mar 3305
On my way home
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