Logbook entry

Adrella / 02 Dec 3305
Commander Adrella//Majestic//3305-12-02 - Missions in Atfero

After a few days at Greeboski's, I was getting restless checked in on the squadron's mission board, and noticed the SJC needed some support in Atfero. I'd been looking forward to getting the Talon sorted out for dogfighting, but thought it best to take the Majestic out, as she hadn't left the docks in her new configuration.

I picked up three contracts, a Courtney Stelle, a Jeff Best and a Henley Eder. Courtney was first, and requested a stop in Zearla. Considering it doubled the fee, I made sense. After letting her see Zearla 4, we carried on to CPD-64 4178. What I hadn't realised was it was the Rocklynne Hub she wanted to go to. At nearly 400,000 Ls, I figured a fuel stop might be in order first.

I headed to the Bauschinger Dock and refuelled, making sure I could reach the damn hub. She then asked to visit a conflict zone, but I decided against that. I had other passengers, no weapons, and while the Majestic is fast, I wasn't going to put her into a dogfight.

I targetted the Hub, set supercruise assist, and then decided to get some food. I wouldn't be needed in the cockpit for a while. After finally cutting the FSD, I initiated auto-docking. Steele wasn't thrilled I'd ignored the request for visiting the combat zone, but paid none the less. While at Rocklynne, I picked up some refugees and an SJC operative, all heading for Atfero.

Next, Jeff Best was taken to CD-61 6801. There were no incidents to report, which was a nice change. Next, I took the SJC agent and the refugees to Tisserand Ring in Atfero. While both groups had warned me we might be intercepted, we made it clean.

With the time sensitive trips out of the way, I decided to take Henley to on her sightseeing tour. After visiting Peter's Eden, and picking up a new outfit, she was happy to head back to Wales City.
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