Logbook entry

Adrella / 02 Dec 3305
Commander Adrella//Artemis//3305-12-02 - To Kipgeninka

A new call for support in the fighting in Kipgeninka went out. I switched from the Majestic to the Artemis. Harmony Willis, my second crew member, had headed off to Oberth Landing, so I went to pick her up before joining in the fighting in the system.

We picked up fighting near Oberth Landing and made our way towards Kipgeninka B 2. Our initial engagement went poorly. The Artemis struggles to keep up with fighters, and an Eagle managed to distract me while an Asp Explorer then pounded my shields. Luckily, the new hull reinforcement held up nicely.

I lost a fighter in the engagement and was forced to jump out when I started taking rail gun hits. I fell back for repairs. In my next attempt, I dropped out on the edge of the fighting and identified the targets. I then launched in the fighter, telling Harmony to keep the Artemis back and out of sensor range and harms way.

After managing to drive off a particularly nasty Eagle, I engaged a Viper Mk III, an Alliance Crusader and a Cobra Mk III. While I didn't manage to score any kills, all these enemy craft were driven off, giving the SJC the field.
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