Logbook entry

Adrella / 02 Dec 3305
Commander Adrella//Artemis//3305-12-02 - Combat training

After the combat in Kipgeninka, it was clear Harmony and I needed a little more training. We headed back to Phiagre to undergo some repairs and rejig the weapons systems. I've now equipped the Artemis with plasma accelerators, to see how they perform.

And it seems they're pretty damn good! I'm going to try them out on some of my fighters, see if they can handle it. As I was preparing to depart for Greeboski, though, SJC command sent a message. They needed me to collect nerve agents that had been picked up in CD-63 1560. I headed out to collect the nerve gas before it could be used by some local rebels.

After conducting aerial reconnaissance, I found the supply cache. Unfortunately, the rebels had sentry drones, and I didn' have an SRV to retrieve the canisters. I headed back to Phirage and picked up the Enterprise, my Asp Explorer specifically designed for such assignments.

Returning to CD-63 1560 2 B A, I landed and configured my SRV to fight the drones. Once they were all dealt with, I collected the nerve gas and dusted off. As soon as I arrived in Phirage, I received a message to take the canisters to Hughes Port at best speed. Apparently, there was time-sensitive data also on the canisters. I managed to arrive just in time for the data to be extracted.
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