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MissAnnabellePlays / 02 Dec 3305
Ship's Log: Ocasio Cortez 3305-12-02

Our primary target objective to obtain grade 5 FSD upgrades from Felicity Farseer has been by all measures a success. The ocasio-cortez is reporting a nearly 50 LY jump range and that's without the guardian FSD booster module that remains elusive to our fleet despite three attempts to get the guardian blueprints to persuade the tech broker to allow us to buy the darn things. The excelsior is up in range too, though with a mere grade 3 upgrade on it we can expect it to rise in range even further as we continue to gather materials to upgrade the remainder of the fleet. No word yet on when we have enough materials to attempt thermal hardening of the Live aid, but i'm confident that in enough time, we will secure the materials.

There is nothing that makes you feel as though your time is being wasted than when you have to spend the time we've spent out in the black sifting through ship debris in hopes of obtaining some of these rare and seemingly unpurchasable materials. My only respite is in the fact that we've been called back to base for a change of personnel. This will be my last log entry for now as the captain of the Ocasio-Cortez, having been reassigned command of the Mining Vessel known colloquially as the "Bidness". it appears as though the emphasis has shifted towards the credit-gulping panite mining expeditions, with an emphasis being placed on mining and selling as much refined ore as possible before new trade regulations kick in and make the sale of Panite less lucrative. It's my mission therefore to amass as much wealth for the fleet as possible before these restrictions go into place. I just hope we don't run into issues from over-mining in our marked hotspots.

I will miss this ship greatly as I depart, and hope to be in command of it once again when the assignment is complete. for now it will continue on it's mission scrapping and gathering materials. I hope the crew is as heartbroken at our separation as I.

--- End Log ---
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CMDR MissAnnabellePlays
Special Agent / Scientist
02 Dec 3305
Ship's Log: Ocasio Cortez 3305-12-02
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