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Tzebra / 03 Dec 3305
Making Trail

November 28 through December 1, 3305
Bohr Gateway
Mehuenomici, System

After a few rounds of drinks, and a catered dinner, I briefed the group on the newest tasking. The agronomist had shown me data collected on a planet, in the Oochoxt FN-Q d6-10 system; third planet. It contained near ideal conditions for the raising of feed stock, which would develop a hearty fat content. The only issue being that of range- 2,496.5ly from this current system.
The unspoken intent of the agronomist did not go unnoticed. The distance for him was lucrative. The agronomist only knew of my ships which he had seen; to his mind he would be gone a month, with a per-day wage which would increase with distance; per contract.

Though the credits were of no real concern and his greed somewhat understandable, I admit towards a personal flaw of my character- that it pleased me to see his face, when he boarded my Orca liner. The Orca is designed specifically for very long range exploration; in style. Sporting the latest in engineering tech, and large fuel tanks, the trip to the location and back was accomplished in only three days; one day there, one on the surface, and one day back.

I had invited everyone to travel with me, and none refused. I had even purchased the services of a chef and his staff, to prepare meals for the adventure. The Orca had plenty of rooms and internal space to comfortably house everyone, and hold months’ worth of provisions; if required.

On the return voyage, I made a slight detour to the HIP 17403 system, and a tour of a Thargoid crash site. With most having never traveled across the bubble, much less over 2.4Kly outside of it, then to visit the crash site of humanities enemy; was beyond their capacity for words.

Upon landing at Bohr Gateway, I handed a box, containing numerous small samplings of the Thargoids ships hide. There was just the right amount for him and his crew; I expected to see a necklace or ring having been made.

The results from the ranch-land samples should be ready in a few days, which allowed me time to take advantage of an opportunity. News of two minor-powers having a bit of a dust-up in the Arro Kop system, had gained my attention. I had done business with the Small Ox Meadows facility, and sent a message, inquiring about their current stock, condition, and pricing. With the dust-up costing the combatants a hefty sum, it was expected that the pricing on their livestock would reduce, to push their inventory out, and funding in. The return message was as expected, as I was not incorrect in this assessment; Jorgan was already in-route.
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