Logbook entry

Saromon / 06 Dec 3305

Watching the star maps before I start my second expedition, I was wondering where to head? How far? What is the purpose of this travel? What I will find? What I aim to find?

The blue marker from the farthest point on my first expedition caught my eye. My Diamondback Explorer, double the jump range of my Anaconda could achieve much more and cover more distance. Why not? Why I don't go to the point where I could no longer dive? Distance between stars "down" there requires a ship, able to jump much greater distances.

The decision was made. I will dive again. I will use my ship's jump capabilities to stretch my exploration findings in that region.

Immediately after I start to make these long-range jumps, I've noticed how far I will go, how fast I will reach my farthest point.

The deeper I go, the more "black" I see. After each jump, I start to feel threatened and somehow I feel that I am looking for the horrors and the nightmares of the Galaxy. I should keep my fuel tank full, or a single mistake could cost me this expedition.

Several days later, after a lot of undiscovered systems, I've found that there are so many beautiful things that could be seen 'down' here.

How many people were trying to reach these stars? Does humanity have any interest in building stations here? There are few Earth-like planets I met, few Water worlds I found, and so many "Green systems" with a lot of important for humanity resources.

Why doesn't the Empire, the Federation or the Alliance, or the big Independent corporations don't send colonization ships here? There is so much lost potential here. These 3 superpowers are stuck in a 'small' bubble, shouting at each other and shooting, destroying, making havoc for, nothing? Even after the Thargoids came, even the war against them can't unite humanity for one common goal. Pirates, killing sprees, slavery, corruption, and chaos, for the "sport".

It's so dark here and so beautiful. There is so much life in the Universe that our eyes and sensors can't simply see.

I continue my second expedition, diving into the depts of the Galaxy, finding, recording and observing.

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