Logbook entry

EvilWasper / 06 Dec 3305
Punitive expedition

It is not over. Free people of Geidmara led by Jet Dragons control the system but there are still places occupied by enemies. Such place is civilian orbital outpost Harawi Hub. This is not nice way to say "You’re Welcome" to us.

Those Tenchu Independents still thinks they can dictate terms in our system. This can't be ignored. Our forces attacked their outpost.

That "civilian outpost" is just a big lie. It is full of well armed ships and I can't not see Federation symbols on them. Federation is still active here.

We destroyed a lot of their ships. It will not be easy for them rebuild their defense. This is my personal "certificate" from this action. It was fun!

Do not try welcome me again with "Criminals have no docking privileges, lethal response authorised" message.

Jet Dragons economy is still under reconstruction and security forces need reinforce. But it is better and better every next day. We import goods to keep our people happy.
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