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Sajano / 06 Dec 3305

While preparing for the next big journey im in a system i found while searching for Yttrium. This small moon i landed on has 11 geological sites in total so i think i should get more or less what im searching for. Fortunatly this moon has a low gravity, landing, starting and cruising around is so much easier than on high G bodies. Next things to collect are Polonium and Tellurium.

I dont know how grindy this will become, maybe i take a break between two materials to just relive this necessary boring chore. I heard the Federation celebrates their Golconda supplying win with higher rewarded missions all over the Bubble. Maybe thats a good chance to start working on my Sol-permit and on the long dream about my own Corvette. Haha, just kidding, i think i will never fly something this big and bulky. Exploration is what gets me every time.

And my DBX is at about 55Ly without an FSD Booster. I really would like to get thoose nearly 10 more Lys into my baby. I think my first stop after gathering all the materials i want and after getting some sweet reputation of the Federation would be Maia. But first things first, i definitly need to find more of these Needle Crystals ... Precious Cobble everywhere, im getting sick of them. At least the view is not that bad to be honest.
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CMDR Sajano
06 Dec 3305
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