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Aries Reaper Xevi / 08 Dec 3305

Oh Shit!! I'm trapped in the hanger at Gaultier de Varennes Point in System CD-69 55, What the hell just happened, anyway I'm in CD-69 55 obviously fighting a war against Sopdet Imperial Society for control of the system everything is cool I return to Gaultier de Varennes Point to turn in my mission of massacre SIS ships in the CZ's and the base (which is for now under sis control) allows  me to dock and enter the hanger I turn in my mission and boom all hell breaks loose rubble falling all around me as the station tries shooting me jokes on them they can't hit me while im in the hanger but the worst joke is on me apparently their willing to collapse the hanger and entomb me in here I cant launch without getting shot down before I even leave the pad my only hope is I and my squadmates compleated Enough CZ's to win us the war today thus takeing over the station and then maybe if I can get a distress call out someone will come to dig me out of the rubble I hope its not long while my o2 should last indefinantly inside the ship I only have enough field rations for a week and I may have to start sharing those with Gamma (my cat who is onboard) so again Oh Shit Oh Shit Oh Shit!
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CMDR Aries Reaper Xevi
Special Agent / Enforcer
08 Dec 3305

Aries Reaper Xevi
01 Oct 3305
Oh what a tangled web
Aries Reaper Xevi
31 Jul 3305
Lost in (Witch head Nebula) Space
Aries Reaper Xevi
01 Jul 3305
Let loose the dogs of war
Aries Reaper Xevi
29 Jun 3305
Starting a war
Aries Reaper Xevi
14 Mar 3305
Inktehit Drawing to close
Aries Reaper Xevi
13 Mar 3305
Inktehit the battle rages on
Aries Reaper Xevi
12 Mar 3305
Inktehit Conflict
Aries Reaper Xevi
07 Mar 3305
Leave of absence
Aries Reaper Xevi
01 Mar 3305
Phase 2 Prep Bahpu System
Aries Reaper Xevi
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