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Kissamies / 08 Dec 3305
Master Cat Herder

- Caretaker, we are expanding again!
- What, already? I wasn't expecting... oh well, it's fine.
- We are going to...
- BeeDee plus five-five-five-seven-oh, I know. A decent system with a Material Trader and not beholden to any of the Powers.
- You got this all figured out, don't you?
- Well, I try.

My preferred target would have been Zelada, but I fouled up a round of elections in my absent-mindedness and it wasn't ready in time. However, BD+55 570 was high on my list so I'm happy about it. Managing expansion by invasion is hard work, but at least some systems were left in already good state by my manipulations in previous expansion cycle and I had more help. The percentages in the target systems dropped at more impressive rates than they did when we went to LHS 1348. At the final days of the operation the squadron managed run tremendous amount of missions.

There was also some drama with other squadrons. First was when our expansion plans conflicted with DaVinci Corp's. They wanted to go to a system we wanted to avoid, so we wanted to raise the lowest foreign faction influence there while they wanted to lower it. The problem was solved by timetables. Our expansion was good ways earlier than theirs, so we agreed that we would raise it, but not so much they'd have trouble bringing it back down again afterwards. I call this 'the Beldarkri agreement'. I wish them luck with. Second incident was when SIRA Incorporated accidentally expanded to our pride and joy, LHS 1348. The lowest foreign faction there was a bit low because the expansion preparations were taking all our attention. I did raise it a bit, but it was a tick the invasion happened too. Luckily SIRA agreed to withdraw. Good people, I like them. Will be maintaining embassy.

On less troubled note we also entered a coalition with Muro Independents on the eve of Old Earth nation's, Finland's Independece Day. Something very obscure to the Core Systems in 3305, no doubt. This alliance probably doesn't mean much besides a show of solidarity between squadrons with common ancient roots, but I like to think we might come to each other's aid if one party was unfairly attacked. Perhaps we can also help one of us make it to the Perkele system one day.

I also managed to gain access to Patreus' armoury a second time and made sure I made off with a decent stockpile of Advanced Plasma Accelerators this time. Previously I couldn't guess how much I would end up liking the weapon so I only got a few. I've also heard there's a discount on Federal ships. I don't need a Federal Assault Ship, but one with APAs does sound pretty fun. I'd have all three Federal piggies. Perhaps have them shipped to Colonia the next time I visit. Yes, I think I will indulge. For my ideal build I want Imp Hammers too, but my stock of those has also run out. I suppose I will serve Arissa next.

So it had been quite an eventful two weeks. 400 billion systems in the galaxy and the space around us is crowded. The irony! The network of diplomatic connections and treaties has grown quite elaborate. We have decided to put a hold on expansions and focus on consolidating and fortifying our holdings for now. Perhaps I shall even go exploring again once the aftermath of the expansions is dealt with. However, I have no doubt the faction adventures will resume in some point of the future, distant or not. The Cat Herder will be back.
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