Logbook entry

Adrella / 08 Dec 3305
Commander Adrella//Jaguar//3305-12-08 - Missions in Atfero

After some R&R in Atfero, I decided it was time to head back out. I picked up a few courier missions, heading to Macame, Findja and Kausha. On the flight to Kausha, I received a message from SJC HQ - they had another courier job in Atfero they needed doing.

After heading out of Narlikar Port, I plotted a course back to Nijland City in Atfero. It was nothing complex, just a trip to Luluwala. I plotted the course. On arriving in Luluwala, I got another message saying the mission was time-sensitive. While heading to Blenkinsop Settlement, a Diana Simpson tried to interdict me, unsuccessfully. I replotted the course and made my approach to Blenkinsop.

Once the jobs were finished, I headed back to Greeboski's Outpost. I wanted to test out the Jaguar's weapons compliment and figured my home system would be the best place. I headed out to Phiagre 4's extraction sites, and managed to get involved in a lot of combat. The plasma accelerators worked a treat, collapsing shields and allowing the multi-cannons to chew through the hull.

However, I might remove one cannon - the heat build-up was quite heavy, and I believe a single one will be enough. Instead, I'll fit a fixed class 2 multi-cannon, giving the Jaguar more of a kick in the multi cannon arena.

I decided to turn the bounty vouchers in at Atfero, to help support the SJC's influence in that system.
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