Logbook entry

LilliSWE / 09 Dec 3305
Training the New Crew

Today I finally get to train the new crew. Rusty, Zion and Carmen are the new additions to my fleet. For some reason, they requested to join instead of being appointed or personally hand picked by me. Seeing as I recently returned from a long day of mining in the Invictus, I decided on not taking out another large ship. I prepped my FAS, the FNV-Tiamat, for some flight training. We kicked out of Daedalus station and headed towards an Aquarius class megaship stationed in Venus' orbit. Upon exiting supercruise, the crew took to their respective fighters and began some routine flight maneuvers in and around the megaship. They seem to be enjoying themselves and proving efficient.

                    Across the comms, the Federal Security Service has issued a warning that incoming wanted ships are approaching and that any FNVs in the area are free to dispatch them. This seemed like a perfect oppurtunity to test their skills. 3 wanted ships dropped out of SC and began an attack on the megaship. "All fighters attack!" My crew demonstrated their piloting skills and seemlessly wiped out the attackers. "Great job everyone! Return to ship and we'll celebrate with some brews at the bar". All fighters docked and proceeding home. After disembarking the Tiamat, we celebrate in the pilot's fave watering hole. Downing some Centauri Gin and smiles all around. "You guys did great out there. Collect those bounties, get some rest and be ready to work tomorrow. BOTTOMS UP!"

Signing off.....
     CMDR LilliSWE
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