Logbook entry

SkyaLykos / 10 Dec 3305
Back in the Saddle

After my stint at i Sola Prospect, and getting tired of the highway robbery they peddle, I decided to move outward, and maybe cause some political chaos while I was at it. I found some podunk little system off in what seemed like the very edge of settled space, and dug in for some light anarchy.

Problem was, this place wasn't exactly receptive.

The home system of Dr. Qwent took very little liking to my attempts to restore some function of govermental power. It probably also didn't help that in order to get in with Qwent, you need to work with the local biker gang. No wonder they've risen to such heights!

After a month of trouble to no avail, I decided I'd come back to the political scene in a more classic fashion, only to find that Shadow President Winters is so far behind in the power struggle that there seemed little hopes of repairing any semblance of image. The future only knows what my work will contribute.

Commander SkyaLykos, Captain of the Reverence and Coffer, Ensign in the Federation
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