Logbook entry

Adrella / 10 Dec 3305
Commander Adrella//Jaguar//3305-12-10 - To Dulos

Having completed the maintenance to the Jaguar after her combat sortie, I decided I should pick up the Artemis and head to Dulos. I'd heard reports that Federation outposts in the area were looking for commanders, and were happy to offer fairly decent rewards.

After switching ships at Greeboski's, checking my loadout and grabbing Harmony, my fighter pilot, I plotted a short jump to Dulos. After docking at Milnor Station, I checked out the board. I decided a few assassination missions and a combat bounty on Dulos Defence Party ships as a good start.

After taking down a Vulture, a Chieftain, a Python and a Viper, we were ordered to fall back. It seemed our forces weren't strong enough. I began to bug out, but needed to get the fighter to safety. Heading away from the combat, I ordered Willis to follow me. It seemed she'd also lured an overconfident Asp Explorer with her. We broke and engaged the enemy ship, picked up some salvage and headed out.

Our mission had asked for the destruction of 8 Dulos Defence Party ships, and so far we'd only killed 5, so we plotted a course for another conflict zone. This one was around Dulos 11 B. After taking down the initial Eagle, Harmony and I focused fire on two Pythons, breaking the back of the DDP. We then took down a Challenger, which caused the DDP to sound the retreat. We managed to pick off another Viper Mk IV before it could fall back, but then, while gathering the salvage from the battle, a wing of 4 DDP Eagles jumped me.

I was forced to abandon the salvage operation and jump out, losing the fighter.
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