Logbook entry

Iplayagame / 11 Dec 3305
2 Days Logbook #1

This is my first entry ever.
well anyways, the last two days went very, very well. i finally got my first rank, got a ship that would be my first step in becoming a trader/explorer, and a day after that, got yet another ship, though i did have to sell my first one.

Currently i'm using the Diamondback Explorer, which i've named after JoJo's bizarre adventure because i thought of part 4 and "diamond". I bought it after selling my Scout, and am currently enjoying using it, it's very quick and agile while still being able to transport a LOT of cargo.

Of course i did have to buy some modules for it, two free pulse lasers aren't going to cut it for me. i replaced them with multicannons and am currently saving up for some kind of turret-like weapon that will automatically aim, for when my piloting is just not good enough (which i suspect will be very often). After that of course i put a heatsink launcher and a fuel scoop on it, because why would you go exploring without a fucking fuel scoop? i mean come on.

I met a commander called surfingbird, and they seemed very friendly. i wasn't working with a squadron or a faction at all and they told me about one they'd recommend to me, the Fatherhood. a friendly community where you can do whatever you want. It sounded like a good idea to me so i've decided to try joining it. i'm not sure what to expect yet, but i do know what i'm going to do in case i get accepted. i'll immediately fly over to their base, which is not that far from where i am right now, and try to talk to a few members, get to know the people i might be working with in the future. It will be... quite a distance to fly, but as long as i plan my route carefully and frequently stop at stations or stars to re-fuel my ship, i should be alright.

My future is looking very good at the moment, and i'm sure i'll enjoy working with them in a group a lot.
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