Logbook entry

Adrella / 11 Dec 3305
Commander Adrella//Artemis//3305-12-11 - Combat galore

I decided to continue with my efforts of building my reputation with the Federation. As such, I took on a few jobs for them, the first being delivering an internal report to Siegel Orbital in Mutujiali. With no issues with that, I decided to proceed with my Federal Navy Strike contract. This would involve me hunting down the known pirate known as 'Max Danger'. A terrible name. He needed to die just for that.

I headed to HR 8829, and began to search for my prey. As I was receiving a message from a client, Max tried to interdict me. I submitted, launched Eliza's fighter, and engaged. We made short work of his Cobra Mk IV, picked up the salvage, then plotted course for Findja, where my next target, the pirate Susan Allaker was said to have been sighted.

While in the system, the Pernicious Poet asked me to follow it, to talk. They had information on Susan, saying she'd moved on to the Duberdicus system. I plotted another course and moved on. On entering the Duberdicus system, I started heading for her last known position, but she interdicted me. I submitted, and Eliza and I eliminated the pirate.

With those jobs completed, I decided to head to Ullese to complete my strike against the Ullese Gold Cartel. I scanned the system, found the targets, and headed for the area. They were sitting on the edge of the system. I managed to take out two Pythons, a Fer-De-Lance and a Cobra before they jumped out. I plotted their rendezvous point and followed them there. I knocked out a Chieftan, a Viper Mk III and a Vulture before they bugged out. Happy I'd completed the mission, I let them go and headed for Milnor Station in Dulos.

The Fed's were pretty happy with me, and I've been wanting to get a Sol permit, so decided to do a few more missions, mainly pirate hunting. I headed to HR 8829. Apparently, the Blue Rats had been causing issues. I'd been assigned to destroy 4 of their ships to send a message. Sure eliminating the group all together would be more effective, but who am I to question a paycheck. Once I found them, I dropped in.

I quickly dispatched two Vipers, then sent Eliza after the Vulture and Cobra Mk III. She's proved an absolute deadeye on the stick, eliminating both targets on her own. I'd only meant for her to distract them while I collected salvage, but she didn't need me. Just proved the effectiveness of the Aegis-class Condor.
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