Logbook entry

Adrella / 11 Dec 3305
Commander Adrella//Artemis//3305-12-11 - Pirate hunt

The Fed's had another pirate mission for me. Since I'm trying to get my combat rank and skill up, I accepted and high-tailed it for HR 8829 again. It was another Blue Rat contract, a 'ROOSE' this time. I found him and plotted a course.

I quickly killed Roose while he was trying to steal cargo from a convoy. Eliza and I made short work of him. I then took another combat bounty mission in Dulos, the target being 9 Dulos Defence Party ships. Eliza and I managed to take out two Eagles, a Viper Mk IV and a Cobra Mk III, winning the battle.

We moved on to another battleground around Dulos 11 C. After taking down an Asp Explorer and a Vulture, my shields were knocked out by a Python. I had Eliza harras the target while I fell back to recharge the shields. I came back in and we managed to destroy the ship. We then joined a Python pummel a Challenger, before taking out a Vulture and another Eagle.

After collecting my reward, I saw the Fed's had another target in HR 8829. This mission would grant me access to Sol, so I took it. Once again, the Blue Rats were hanging out on the edge of the system. I plotted a course and prepped my ship for combat.

My first kill was a Cobra Mk IV and then a Fer-De-Lance. After that, we killed a Cobra Mk III, while the other pirates bailed out. I managed to track them to their rally point, and took out two Chieftans, and a Cobra Mk III. Eliza also managed to bag a Mk IV on her own.

On dropping back into Dulos, I picked up a trading beacon and decided to check it out. Upon arriving, I found a trader called Ariel asking for landmines, at a price that would be hard to refuse. I plugged it into the finder, and headed of to the Ulledones system to collect the cargo.
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