Logbook entry

StoneSoul / 14 Dec 3305
Personal Log #1

Ah its been a good week of wet work for some local corps having a little disagreements as of late. Fine by me sense there is not shortage of jobs to be had. Well I got to lay low on my kill jobs, ended up docking up at Atlmans Progress looking at some good old fashion smuggling. As for smuggling jobs there was no real good paying ones here besides this one fellow i found at the local dock bar. We had to talk for about a hour working out the details and how much cargo he wanted to move. Simple things to discuss while not being pick sense he informed me a group wanted to stop the cargo from reaching it's drop point. After finishing a bottle of some cheap piss of drinks if i am being honest i took the job and set off for the shipyard to prepare my Crimson PitBull of a Keelback.

Entry #2 24hours after contract taken:

Well i think someone logged my ship ID after i launched from port. I almost did not notice when i was launching for my out bound burn from Atlman, Ismael was watching contact readings and noted that a Cobra scanned us before we broke senor contact. Glad i hired that kid to fly the Condor when we are on the job. For now I did a random jump before heading to the drop point.....i hope that threw anyone off are tails for now.

Entry #3 48 hours after contract taken:

All i have to say about this job right now is i did not see us......hiding out in a canyon about 30 klicks away from my drop point with out a single trick left to shake these guys tailing us. Sense jumping into this system and making orbit of the target planet, that's where we got a rude awaking. Theses guys are Pro for sure, but still having two Eagle's and a Python show up on your scope at four klicks out after you finished your glide....Well it was cold chill down my blood veins. Got to give it to the kid he kept a cool head under fire, plus he loved the bait plan while we had close calls burning hard and fast inside this canyon range. I hope Ismael made it, because its been about half and hour sense he launched in the Condor but the rally point is the drop point, well time to launch and finish this job.

Entry #4 Contract finish:

We made it with out much damage. Couple of scratches with dents to boot on the Crimson Pitbull while the Condor needs a full repairs sense Ismael proved himself worth hiring in it. Ha he got himself shot down after taking down a Eagle. Lucky kid but he got the job done perfectly giving me the time to unload the cargo get the pay and launch into the clear. I found him after searching for two hours, still he got lucky but glad he made it. We are docked waiting on this new job i got a line on. For now we go out to drink in a job well done.
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