Logbook entry

BubbaYoshi1117 / 14 Jan 3306
A Fool's Errand to Beagle Point

20.12.3305 20:12 UGT
I'm in the final preparations for my next expedition to Beagle Point. I have outfitted a Sidewinder I've named the Fool's Errand for this trip. I've given her the best expedition-focused modules that I possibly can, and with the help of Felicity Farseer, I have increased her jump range to 36.23Ly unladen, 34.80Ly at maximum fuel. I'm departing from where the Pilot's Federation sends so many new Commanders off from, Trevithick Dock at LHS 3447.
I'm not trying for anything too fancy on this voyage. I will simply be traveling along the Sagittarius-Carina Arm, instead of trying to cross the Abyss, even on the fringe of it. I'll also only be going to Beagle Point, I won't be coming back through the Galactic Core like I've done before. I did that voyage in an Anaconda, and it was for sure able to survive the extended journey. This should be obvious, but I won't be jet-cone boosting. My FSD is basically made of wet tissue paper due to how far it's been stretched.
I know that the end of the journey can be a little too finicky for the navigational computer to handle, so I've brought notes from other Commander's expeditions to Beagle Point to find the last few jumps.
Here's to hoping that my little Sidewinder can survive this journey.  And that Melody, my sole crewmember, doesn't go crazy not being able to fly. I'd hate to deny her the ability to do so, but I'd hate retraining a fighter pilot more.

21.12.3305 21:00 UGT
Made 127 jumps today. Made it to NGC 5316 Sector UI-6 C4-0. Had one emergency drop when I got distracted, but nothing major. I forgot that I also bought a pair of 1A AFMU's, not that they'll last too long. A quick side note, on past expeditions, I've ended a day's journey by landing on a planet. I'm not sure why I did it, but I won't be doing that this time around. First, that would take up time I'd rather spend making jumps. Second, I'm honestly not that good at making surface landings. I once tried landing the Rainier on a 2.0G world, and hit the surface so hard that my ship actually bounced off. Third, I don't have an SRV with me, so there wouldn't be anything for me to do once I did land.
I'm already starting to regret using a Sidewinder. The 2A Fuel Scoop just isn't reliable enough for what I'm used to having. Flying Pythons, Anacondas and a Federal Corvette has spoiled me.

Straight-line distances update:
62,893.50Ly from Beagle Point
4,093.01Ly from LHS 3447

22.12.3305 23:52 UGT
Made 220 jumps today. Made it to Syraloa TL-A b41-2. No emergency drops today, luckily. Other than that difference from yesterday, it was a very uneventful day of drop, scoop, jump, repeat. I made it out of the Inner Orion Spur, and briefly crossed through the Outer Orion Spur, and I'm now into Hawking's Gap. I think today will be the only time I'm in three different sectors, except for maybe on the way back.

Straight-line distances update:
59,981.02Ly from Beagle Point
11,275.89Ly from LHS 3447

24.12.3305 7:03 UGT
Made 404 jumps today. Made it to Bleou Aewsy KW-L b21-0. Who the hell came up with these names? Anyway, started a little late today, but I also ran for about twice as long as usual. I'm trying to break up the trip into manageable chunks so that I don't burn out before I even get to Beagle Point, let alone halfway back. Oh, and shout-out to Commander Nanjan Ohare, discoverer of Plooe Aim VD-Z c27-36. I was surprised when I dropped out of Hyperspace to see my sensor array already lit up. Didn't expect to come across an explored system this deep into the black. I know that the Beagle Point run is hardly undone, but there's still an entire arm to explore. I'm not even really exploring it at this point, I'm just honking my discovery scanner without stopping and running the FSS. Maybe next trip.
On a side note, I've noticed some paint chipping when I've sent my camera drone out to look at the ship. Maybe that was from my emergency drop the other day, maybe that's just wear and tear from traveling for this long without any real maintenance.

Straight-line distances update:
57,473.12Ly from Beagle Point
24,241.92Ly from LHS 3447

27.12.3305 0:11 UGT
Made 179 jumps today. Made it to Byae Aip JB-W c15-7. Had a shorter jump session today. Didn't get the best sleep the last two nights. But I plan on making up for the lost time this weekend. I know this is pretty obvious, but the Sidewinder really wasn't meant to be lived in like this. It's like having a cheap apartment. In the middle of space. With a roommate who is "your employee, not your friend."

Straight-line distances update:
55,548.06Ly from Beagle Point
29,876.71Ly from LHS 3447

27.12.3305 23:58 UGT
Made 295 jumps today. Made it to Stuenae IN-W c1-22. Today, I decided I wasn't completely satisfied with my controls, so I made some tweaks. Melody even called me out on doing that in the middle of nowhere without any prior experience adjusting flight control systems. I told her the worst that could happen is instant self-destruct and she never gets paid again. And I also told her that the worst thing that was likely to happen was I somehow short out my thrusters or FSD and put out an SOS to the Fuel Rats or a similar group to either get repaired, towed, or otherwise brought back to the Bubble, in which case I would give up on this trip. But I got the adjustments made, and all the controls are more responsive now. Even though I did somehow reverse my yaw input. Got that one figured out. When I get back, I'm going to have dockside mechanics make similar adjustments to the rest of my ships.
Oh, and something I forgot at the beginning of today's run, that I only remembered once it was too late: I passed 1,000 total jumps for this trip today. I remembered that, did the math, and realized that I was already at jump number 1,007. Damn, that was a bummer. Oh, well, I'm not even halfway there, so at 2,000 I'll try and remember.

Straight-line distances update:
48,137.62Ly from Beagle Point
37,111.24Ly from LHS 3447

29.12.3305 1:38 UGT
I made 437 jumps today. Made it to Prie Aod PI-B d13-71. This might be a little longer than some of my past daily updates, I have some things on my mind today. First, I've been considering what to do with three of my ships. Namely, the Totem, the Rainier and the Promethean, my Python and two Anacondas respectively. Since I purchased the Huntsman, those three have been relegated to fond memories. I think I'll refit the Totem to be a mining vessel. I haven't done much mining, but that's mostly because I always get harassed by pirates, and I never seem to collect much of value. But maybe this time I'll go on mining expeditions slightly outside of the Bubble, to worlds that haven't been visited by miners often. For the Rainier, I'll probably return her to the exploration vessel that she originally was. As for the Promethean, I originally planned for her to be a bounty hunter, but her sheer size prevented her from being effective in that role. Instead, I think I'll refocus her on joining combat rather than initiating. And I've also been considering fitting her to fight Thargoids. I've never seen them, much less fought them, but I've been hearing rumors that they're getting closer to Sol with every strike they make. I may not have been born on Earth, but she's still the homeworld of all humanity. So I do plan to protect her if it comes to it. That will be my most expensive refit yet, I think. It would certainly be simpler just to sell the three ships, or even one or two of them, but I very rarely sell any of my vessels any more. I never know when I might want to take one of the older ones back out for another run.
On a slightly more jovial note, today I finally noticed the active fuel meter. When I pointed that out to Melody, she wondered aloud how I ever made it into the Pilot's Federation. Thanks for the support. Like I've said before, I've spoiled myself with larger ships. When that active tank pulls from the main tank, I've never noticed the drop. But since a Sidewinder has such a small tank, that pull is more noticeable.
I sent the camera probe out today to get a look at the ship. A good chunk of the paint has been chipped off now. I wonder when somebody's going to develop a more durable paint material. Then again, it has gone several dozens of thousands of light years without maintenance. So maybe it's already the most durable it can be.
One final note, I can't wait to get back to real food. My chef is either completely cheap or is starting to go out on me. Tried to make steak and potatoes with it, but nothing had quite the right texture. The steak was missing that nice seared crisp to the outside and the potatoes were too crunchy on the outside, but too soft in the middle. Maybe I'll just stick to having burgers from it.

Straight-line distances update:
37,546.46Ly from Beagle Point
47,790.86Ly from LHS 3447

30.12.3305 0:33 UGT
I made 349 jumps today. Made it to Suvaa FA-Y c14-7. I'm starting to feel a kind of vertigo effect. I'm getting so close to Beagle Point, and yet, it feels like it's getting farther away. And that would only be my halfway point. I have to admit, though, I never thought I'd make it even this far in a Sidewinder. I'm a day or so outside of being able to at least try and have my computer route me to Beagle Point, though I know it's unlikely to get me within 100 light years. Which is why I brought notes from the Distant Worlds expedition.
I've been trying to wrap up each day's leg before 0:00 UGT, but I'm used to UGT -8:00, so it's only about 16:00 to me. It's just a little easier to write these without converting the day to tomorrow.

Straight-line distances update:
27,363.68Ly from Beagle Point
53,863.82Ly from LHS 3447

31.12.3305 0:15 UGT
I made 294 jumps today. Made it to Quathai XV-E d11-5. So it doesn't look like I'm making it to Beagle Point before the new year, but I made it damn close. I'm within range of trying to route directly there, even though I know that won't work. I've given up on trying to find out when I'm reaching milestones on this trip. Counted everything up, figured out that I passed 2,000 yesterday. Oops. I guess I'll just make a final check-in on the jump total when I make it back to LHS 3447. Not much to say for today's leg of the journey.

Straight-line distances update:
18,833.08Ly from Beagle Point
58,318.94Ly from LHS 3447

01.01.3306 1:13 UGT
I made 380 jumps today. Made it to Nuweou WC-N b54-0. I'm still in the Archeron region, but on the very edge of it. Every day, it takes longer for my computer to find me a route. Like I predicted yesterday, I can't seem to plot a course directly to Beagle Point, most likely due to the erratic path I'll need to take once I'm within range of it. Once I'm there, I'll probably take a few days recess before heading back. Also, I'm considering breaking my previous rule about traveling back down the Sagittarius-Carina arm, and instead coming down far enough that the starfield is dense enough to be plotted simply.
Also, happy new year to any reading this.

Straight-line distances update:
8,108.22Ly from Beagle Point
63,113.35Ly from LHS 3447

02.01.3306 2:21 UGT
I made 342 jumps today. I made it to Beagle Point. I finally made it. In a Sidewinder. I had another emergency drop, but nothing was too damaged. My AFMU's have 1857, I don't know, ammo? 1857 ammo between them, so I should be okay heading back, so long as I don't have too much damage to my hull or to my power plant, both of which are holding at 98% integrity right now. I took another look at my ship through my drone, and the paint is almost gone.
Once I made it to Ceeckia YR-M b27-0, I started routing shorter chunks, just so that I'd have more flexibility on where my computer could route me. There were a few times where it backtracked me one or two systems, but that was my mistake for going too far forward. Once I made it to Ceeckia WJ-D b46-0, I just tried to route straight to Beagle Point, for the hell of it. I'd been doing that every few destinations up until that point, and they had all failed. But then, it completed my route. I nearly had a heart attack. I looked at my navigation panel, and it clearly stated "20 jumps until Beagle Point." I hollered so loud at that, I think Melody thought I'd set the flight deck on fire or something. Not that I've done that.  Once I finally arrived at Beagle Point, I selected LHS 3447 on my navigational computer and looked straight towards it. At all 65,222 light years between it and me. For now, though, I'm just going to relax for a few days. I've landed on Beagle Point 2 at Darwin's Legacy, coordinates 48.56/-35.57, which was the final waypoint for the original Distant Worlds expedition in April of 3302.

Straight-line distances update:
Arrived at Beagle Point
65,222.47Ly from LHS 3447

06.01.3306 20:01 UGT
I made 222 jumps today. Made it to Frecku WG-U c16-2. I started the trip back today. It was slow going at first, due to how sparse the stars are at the edge of the galaxy. But once I made enough short legs, I was able to route farther out, and I'm back to normal route plotting again. I'm still well into The Abyss, and I won't try to jump between galactic arms until I'm in the Mare Somnia Region. Once I'm far enough along the Sagittarius-Carina arm, I'll just head straight towards LHS 3447. It'll still take some time to get there.

Straight-line distances update:
63,755.68Ly from LHS 3447
5,228.19Ly from Beagle Point

07.01.3306 20:05 UGT
I made 215 jumps today. Made it to Ooctact PC-D d12-13. I plotted out the full 20k Ly route that the navigation computer can handle. It took a while, but I'll probably be using it for the next two days. Zooming into the gap between the two arms near the point I randomly picked for the current destination, I might be able to use that as my crossing point into the main galaxy instead of going all the way down to Mare Somnia. Not much to say today, had another crap night's sleep.

Straight-line distances update:
60,764.40Ly from LHS 3447
11,168.24Ly from Beagle Point

08.01.3306 20:03 UGT
I made 221 jumps today. Made it to Qautha UI-G b38-0. Shared my updated plan with Melody. She says I'm crazy trying to make the jump across the arms in a Sidewinder. I reminded her that I was crazy to even try to go to Beagle Point in one, but I succeeded. She sighed and said she's fine with it, if it means that she gets paid sooner. I haven't been paid in three weeks, either.

Straight-line distances update:
57,664.81Ly from LHS 3447
17,364.25Ly from Beagle Point

09.01.3306 20:02 UGT
I made 229 jumps today. Made it to Sutchi SK-E b39-3. I decided to go ahead and start heading straight back towards LHS 3447. I made it across to The Veils, and now it's just a straight shot until I'm home. It'll still be several days until then, but at least I'm not crawling along the Sagittarius-Carina arm anymore.

Once I'm back at LHS 3447, I'm going to retire the Fool's Errand at one of the stations in the system. I can't do that at Trevithick Dock, unfortunately, so I'll have to choose a nearby station.

Straight-line distances update:
51,598.60Ly from LHS 3447
21,682.92Ly from Beagle Point

10.01.3306 20:01 UGT
I made 243 jumps today. Made it to Prie Free RJ-N b34-1. Not much to say today except that I feel like I'm getting faster at these jumps. Just my timing of scooping and jumping is improving to the point I can instinctively activate my FSD at the point where I'll jump at 96% heat, at least when scooping from M class stars. O, B and A class are still a little too warm and too uncommon for me to have the trick down on them. Other than that, I'm definitely ready for a long sleep on Abraham Lincoln station.

Straight-line distances update:
43,966.23Ly from LHS 3447
27,460.13Ly from Beagle Point

12.01.3306 0:35 UGT
I made 402 jumps today. Made it to Dryao Chroa GR-L c21-56. I stopped and scanned a system today. Turned out to be fairly interesting. Assaips PC-D d12-56 is a single F-class star system that had 51 signals, 0 of which were asteroid clusters and only 1 rocky icy world. The majority were gas giants and rocky bodies. What's really interesting is the fifth and seventh worlds, both of which are ringed high metal content worlds with metallic and metal rich rings. I might make the trek back out here with the Totem once I refit it for mining. It's a little odd to be passing by Sagittarius A* without stopping by it. But I'm honestly just ready to get back home and take another short break.

Straight-line distances update:
30,844.67Ly from LHS 3447
37,536.84Ly from Beagle Point

13.01.3306 6:03 UGT
I made 365 jumps today. Made it to Oephail ZL-U b16-7. Stopped to scan another system today, Shrogee VM-W d1-4589. I was distracted by a number when I dropped into the system and ran my discovery scanner. That number was 82 bodies. So I looked around with my FSS and scanned every body in the system. Not much to say about the quality of the scans, but two of the worlds were candidates for terraforming. Other than that an ordinary day, even if I started and ended late. By my estimation, I only have another two or three days of flying left until I'm home. And then I can relax for a few days.

Straight-line distances update:
18,372.02Ly from LHS 3447
48,635.74Ly from Beagle Point

14.01.3306 3:39 UGT
I made 550 jumps today. Made it to LHS 3447. I'm finally home. I've been to Beagle Point and back in a Sidewinder. I had a lot of times that I thought "this will never work" or "I'll have to call the Fuel Rats." Melody's happy that she's going to be able to get back to piloting once I'm back in the Huntsman. That'll have to wait until I get the Fool's Errand parked at a station with a shipyard, and have the Aquila transferred to me. I had one last emergency drop, but I made it back to civilization in one piece.

Straight-line distances update:
Arrived at LHS 3447
65,222.47Ly from Beagle Point

Final Thoughts and Reflections
This trip went faster than I honestly thought it would. It was also a little more boring than other expeditions I've taken, most likely due to me not scanning systems except for maybe four or five. I also didn't have a DSS, so I couldn't map any worlds that I found. I didn't have an SRV, so I couldn't land and take a drive and surface mine for materials. This is most likely the last exploration trip I'll take for a little while. I've taken two trips to Beagle Point in the last year, and I'm a bit spent on wandering the Black. The Fool's Errand will stay at Dalton Gateway, near Trevithick Dock, in the same condition that I'm arriving in.
I hope that this trip serves to inspire any young Commanders embarking in their first Sidewinders, that it will let them know that that little ship can take them to the very edge of the galaxy and back. All it takes is determination.

Final trip tally:
5,474 jumps
18 days of flying
421,271,815 earned from Universal Cartographics
34,789,933 paid to Melody
3 emergency drops
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