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Lambast Mercy / 09 Jan 3306


Don’t have the “nothing to talk about” problem with today’s log. In fact, I don’t need to wait until tomorrow's flight to have enough to make a good-sized entry with a few images to accompany it. Early this evening a Mr Dog contacted me about my ship to use question. He gave me some good tips about the independent factions I may encounter in Colonia and very useful snippets like Imperial ships are unavailable there.

I'd like to see what that system does to superman's powers

His correspondence has given me an idea. Once I’m in the heart of Colonia, I’ll see if I can’t find commanders and interview them about what made them chosen to make a home so far away from the place we all sat in a cockpit for the first time, and live in the new bubble. Mr Dog is a member of the Silverbacks, a squadron that’s always active on the boards and usually helpful and entertaining. Thank you Mr Dog and the Silverbacks, I look forward to running into you once I make it to Colonia.

Crivins! Someone started peeling it.

The exploration went very well today. Plenty of water worlds lined up for inspection, and the dense starfield is quite a nice background for my images. I still don’t get really good vistas to picture, just like my last trip to the rim. I look at the amazing pic other commanders proudly post and they always impress me. One day I’ll learn how to take a good picture. Anyway, I did find a second Earth-Like. I found one on my way back from the southern rim when I had to stop for a fuel star off my plotted jump rout, and I found this one because I didn’t realize just how bloody far away Colonia was.

The Earthlike I found

It looks like I’ll be buying a Gunship to let the engineers tinker with. I’m gonna load her up with Missile Pods and tinker them for shield cracking and the larger Pods for hull braking. Having said that, I have not the slightest clue about using pods, so I’d still appreciate some tips in that regard. Tips like, should I have other weapons to support the pods? Think I’ll call the Gunship Missile Boat “Lamb Bam ThkUmam” (Lam Bam Thk U Ma’am if it fits)

If you cut it in half and count the rings.. ..   Crookoa IR-W E1-1137

If you operate out of Colonia, and wouldn’t mind being interviewed about why your there and what it's like compared to the Earth-centred bubble, please get in touch with me. I’d like to get a verity of viewpoints to report on and I look forward to hearing from you. Now, given the distance I’ve covered, I think I’ll arrive late on Friday night, so Saturday will be my first day getting to know Colonia. Until tomorrow or possibly Friday if the journey is dull o7 Commanders, see you in the black.

A Gas Giant in my preferred colours.  Crookoa KZ-C B27-47
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