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Lambast Mercy / 11 Jan 3306


My journy so far.

Today was water worlds day and they are incredibly dull, just like the film. Thank goodness I had someone over sub-space reading one of my favourite books. Bloo maybe a Fed and her Old English accent is .. individual, but she really gets the humour of the Discworld. The problem is, she’s only narrated about 6 hours of the story and I fly about 6 hours a day. I’m glad she’ll be reading more on the 14th. Looking forward to it Bloo, thank you.

Another Waterworld.. .. Well whoopty  Froarsts IS-K D8-2304

Speaking of Goodness, I have a friend.. well, an associate by the name of Creamy Goodness that got his face punched in by well-known and feared woman in the bar on Citi Gateway. I contacted this woman who flies with the Imp hunters The Crimson Privateers and asked her if she knew anyone in Colonia. It just so happens she was flying back from there as I’m on my way. She did agree to put me in touch with some people she knows that I can meet and interview once I’ve found my feet. Thank you Ellen, I’ll tell Creamy you’re coming back just to see him run.

A binary star and their small friend (He's not just far away)   Froarsts YK-E C12-152

I’m only 40 jumps away from the nav point I plotted some short way outside of Colonia, so I think I will arrive there tomorrow night. Unless something comes up to stop me sitting in the pilot’s seat for another six hours or so, I’ll look forward to getting station side and not having to look at another fast approaching star for a day or two. This is a short post, so I’ll publish tomorrow if I dock or not.

I mean, what's going on here? Is there some Stella bouncer with a massive velvet rope giving it
                                        "Names not on da list. Ya not commin in"


I should have brought my bikini with me, plenty of water worlds on the way to Colonia. When packing for a deep-space expedition, one doesn’t expect to need swimwear. I made a strong effort to get to Dr. Fatnround in .. .Los.. I think it is, but It's just gone 1am and I’m tired. I only have 17 jumps to go, so I imagine I am very close to the Colonia bubble.

Another Binary star with.. and you need to look close.. two small friends. (I promise they are not just far away)

I’ve been out here for just under a week. I wish I’d prepared for a 20000 ly journey, but I for some stupid reason imagined it was just 2000 ly, like going to visit the guardian sites or maybe the Runningman systems. If I hadn’t been logging every astral body, and mapping the interesting ones, I think I could have made the trip in one or two days of casual flying. Still, I’m glad I took the flight and I don’t regret my stupid mistake. .. This time.

If ya love it, stick a ring on it. Even if it is only a little white one

Tomorrow I will sneak into the first station I come across using silent running before I stick my neck out and get to know the locals. I’ll need somewhere for the escape pod to head for if it goes wobbly. I’ll be trying to find 25 occupied escape pods for Dr Spekky McPudgychops. God knows what that oddball wants with them, and I’ll not be thinking about it if I manage to find them and hand them over. I’ve had to hand in bounty & conflict vouchers for the favour of an engineer before, but occupied pods? Makes ya wonder how he tested his Life Support modifications doesn’t it.

Guess what sort of world it is if you can contain your excitement.
Do you like it?

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