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Lambast Mercy / 11 Jan 3306
A Rough Guide to Colonia. Day 1. Well, about half of day one.

For crying out loud! Are the Goids watching me? I leave for Colonia and BANG! Thargoid attacks. It's the same story last time I went exploring. I was just in time to miss the opportunity to help out with the transport mega-ship. If you people ever notice the bubble is getting stagnant, just tell me to bugger off and I bet you won't have to wait many days until something happens.

I dropped into a HGE signal before docking at Murakami Gateway

I visited the Nav beacon once I made it to Los just to have a quick look at what and who was about. No one of interest turned up, meaning no one shot at me so I looked for a station to repair and restock. I'm gonna take a few hours to relax and fix my COVAS voice recognition software. Holly will not stop targeting every time I wiggle my arse or scratch an itch. It's most vexing.  

Murakami Gateway where I spent a lot of money on repairs and earned way more for looking at stuff.

Now I'm here it's time to really start thinking about my way forward. I'll start by looking for 25 escape pods, I feel that going to take the most time. After that, I'll drop them off to that odd gargoyle that tempted me to come here in the first place. After that, I'll go buy a new ship for him to play with while I keep him in view at all times with my hand on a weapon.  Buying a ship won't be a problem, I'll use the money I got from my exploration.

I must have had a lot of damage leftover. I bounced off 2 stars on the way here.

I'm still thinking of a Gunship to turn into a missile boat and the 133.898.482 credits I made one my way here will cover that easy. . and a few rebuys. I feel like I'm going to be using rebuys a fair few times here. Still, its all part of the fun so I'm all in. Right, now to hunt for star systems at war and look for distress signals. Seems like a good place to start looking for escape pods.

My paint job didn't take to much of a beating on this 20000 light-year trip.

Hot tip for victims.. I mean Occupied Escape Pods for the hamster-cheeked weirdo at Kraken's Retreat

After flying around many systems with wars and outbreaks, and dropping into every distress call and combat aftermath signal I could find, I found 1 pod! By that example, it would take me a little over a day to gather everything I need for Chubby McCryofiddler. That would not do! I got back in touch with Commander La'Fresh and asked him how he got it done. He directed me to the Luchtaine system and told me to go scan the rings of planet A1. Just in case, I docked at the station within the rings, Moore's Charm. Wonder if it's named after Rodger Moore. Now this is a guide with pictures, so don't blame me if you skim this and don't understand.

After picking up Hatch Braker Limpet, and Collector Limpet controllers, I got nice and close to A1 and scanned the rings. This handy lil mega-ship icon turned up.

Watch ya self when you drop from supercruise onto the mega-ship. You come in close, and I hit the hull first time. Once your there and safe, target the ship and do a deep scan. You're looking for Escape Hatch 3.

Once you find it, fly on over to it and line ya self up, the pods will be here soon. Save ya self a lil time and go into your contacts and add everything you don't wanna scoop to the ignore list.

Now target & scan Escape Hatch 3 and check your sub-target panel. You'll find a Limpet Docking Point. You wanna target that and launch a Hatch Breaker at it.

Sub-target pannel.

Hatch braker in action.

The Hatch will spit out 5-10 pods. Before you launch any collector limpets, check for damaged pods and add them to the ignore list, you're only after occupied pods for the creepy lard-bod at Los. Remember, target noting when you launch your collector limpet and it will go pick up everything it can and not just die as soon as its fetched what you targeted. While your collector is working, launch another hatch breaker at the Limpet Docking Point to keep the pods flowing.

If the hatch runs out of goods, just go away and come back. It gets restocked with.. .. living people. Before you know it, you'll have the 25 poor defenceless men women and children that Freak McTouchme wants for no disclosed reason.

Job done in under an hour. Thanks La'Fresh.

I'm gonna be getting a new ship and handing over the pods. I still need some advice about how to use missile launchers and what modifications are best on them. Anyone that knows what they are talking about, please get in touch. I'll let ya all know how it goes tomorrow.
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