Logbook entry

SeriouSarius / 13 Jan 3306
120 jumps in 10 hours (My 17k LY Journey in a rubber boat Part 7)

(01/13/3305--03:14) I just finished an entire day of jumping system to system, scanning everything with the FSS and jumping off. I did the math and I won't have enough time to reach my destination and back within the time limit the team gave me, so I'm compromising. I'll still be scanning everything just not mapping every planet. The reward alone should be enough to buy a bigger ship. I haven't told my lady yet but with the money I'm planning on getting a ship she can be an active part of. The crew is getting uneasy with the situation of the ship, it has sustained a bit of damage during a trip down on a planet. The scientists are non the wiser though. The modules are holding anyway so no cause of concern.

(01/13/3305--09:32) I just woke up sweating, I hadn't taken my resting pills last night-time and I had some dreams. In most of them the ship got destroyed and in some even the backup clones did. But never mine. I was there to see my crew not wake up, my lady not move for hours on end. It was horrible. I'll make a coffee and go back in piloting. Needless to say I'm never skipping the pills again...

(01/13/3305--10:56) Back in the controls and I feel a little better. My crew doesn't suspect a thing but my lady knows me too well and can tell when something is bothering me. I'll talk to her after she's done her quota with the ship... Don't want to distract her. We all need to do our parts if we want this mission to succeed...
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