Logbook entry

Bruce Coldrum / 13 Jan 3306
Adventures of Bruce Coldrum, Explorer of the great void 0001

I have arrived in the Basi system, to relax and figure out where to go next.

Basi is an interesting system. From what I hear, it's ownership is currently being contested by several parties. Plenty of things to see and do at the moment, profitable if you're not coming in to join sides.

In a local bar I received a tip on where to go for the request I received from miss Farseer. She wishes for meta alloys and it is said these can be found in the Maia system, a place far from here that I have not yet visited. Daedalus is rigged for exploration, not mining, and I hope there will not be any mining involved beyond surface scooping, but we'll see.

Earlier today, somewhere between Basi and Xuane, I found two ships floating around stranded without fuel. I helped them out of course, but how on earth does one strand out here, unless one ignorantly messes with the fuel consumption of an FSD drive or something? Whatever, I hope they got home safely. I was compensated for my good deed, at least.

I am practicing to use the Full Spectrum planetary body scanner I acquired not too long ago. So far it has not been the helpful timesaver the Gallnet advertisement had me believe, but maybe I am not using it right.

Qi Lisu interstellar paid well for my last job. Certainly enough to cover insurrance should anything happen. And if there is one thing I have learned, anything can happen out here.
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