Logbook entry

Bene Dee / 13 Jan 3306
Guilty until proven innocent

Aisling's Angels.

There is power in a name, in an ideal. It becomes a symbol that draws people together. With me it was no different, there was something about the Angels that I desired to be a part of. After finally becoming a Commander, I was accepted into talks for admission within their ranks.

What should have been a day of celebration became one of despair. I was accused of a crime that I did not commit, declared a risk to their organization as a possible seed of sedition. Before I could do anything I was cast out, never to return.

I left in shame, but not before I heard chatter among the Angel's feeds. There was currently a battle at L 12-19, over a penal colony of all places, that all new recruits were to be sent. This was to be my first battle with the Angels, but now instead of their ally I would be their enemy. I went there knowing I could not win, that it would be a fighting retreat against an overwhelming opponent, but I was blinded by my hatred and shame.

Yet somehow, a backwater colony was able to win against the invaders. The battle that I thought was to be my end instead gave me a new beginning. Although the fight is over, I remain searching for the last remnants of the Angels to cast out. Perhaps they were right, for I have become what they said I would be: an enemy of the Angels. If this is to be my path now, I walk it gladly.
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