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LilliSWE / 13 Jan 3306
The Colonial Expanse

So the mission to establish a foothold in the Colonia System has been a success. We have increased our fleet by 7 new ships built exclusively for Colonia. That number is set to grow as we continue to make a name for ourselves here. We don't have any large ships as of yet. This is mainly due to there being a lot of outposts. We've managed to become allies with Jaques and Colonia Council factions right off the bat. The Colonia Council was extremely grateful for the amount of cartographic data we gave to them.

         The crew members are getting along great with each other. Everyone seems to have a positive attitude about what we can accomplish here. Carmen and I have been getting closer, running trade missions a lot together. She seems to have taken a liking to our pairing together. I can't blame her. She has a great head on her shoulders and a wonderful personality. As a unit, we've gathered many raw materials needed for engineering our ships. The Olympus Mons was launched to several planets in several different Colonia systems to deploy multiple SRV teams in surveying and material gathering. We've had much success on that front. Found a few abandoned settlements and well as a few active ones. Our teams were harassed here and there from rogue skimmers, but they were quickly turned into swiss cheese.

So we have firmly set up our Colonia Extension and now it's time for the 3 of us to return to the Core Systems and work on the Thargoid threat plaguing the Witch Head Nebula.

Signing off.....
Cmdr LilliSWE and crew.
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