Logbook entry

Captain Sithu / 13 Jan 3306
Victory Draws Near

It is currently the 13th of January, of the year 3306. We are still at war.

LOAN has dominated this conflict so far, the civil war that has proven to be a rather one-sided one. I would not be surprised at all if RPC resistance to our conquest crumbles today.

The addition of turrets to my already effective armory has been a great idea. All of these smaller ships do tend to outmaneuver the Harvest, but not her new turrets. It can be truthfully said that I have done more damage to my enemies when they are out of sight than I have when they are in front of me. It's an interesting thing to witness.

Victory in these smaller battles comes easier, and the repairs of the Harvest grow less and less frequent. Which is, I suppose, a good thing in the long run.

And yet, I still have those thoughts in the back of my mind, including the biggest one: why are we fighting? Is it to prove dominance over those we see as weaker than ourselves? I may never know the answer to this question, nor to the many others I have.

Taking a break from the fighting, I ventured out to the nearest Guardian system I knew of. It was almost therapeutic to sit there, amongst the ruins of that ancient civilization. Yes, I found heaps of data that could prove useful someday, but I found the answer to at least one of my many questions.

Why am I still here?

The answer I found, whilst wandering around the ruins, was what I was hoping for all along. I am here because I have not yet found the one thing that will define my existence. It's true, I have been to the great Colonia, and I have seen the Center with my own eyes. But, those experiences were gained sitting in with another Commander on a voyage of his own design.

Perhaps, and I could be wrong, the reason I am still here is because finding that thing that defines my existence is something I will have to undertake by myself. It may take years, decades even. But I will not give up until I have found it.

If you are somehow still here, reading this after all my rambling, thank you. There are many entries to come, dear reader. Here's hoping the thoughts in my head can be accurately represented in the words on these pages. Perhaps the strange nature of my thoughts will not be lost in translation.

Perhaps you can glean some wisdom from them.

-Captain Sithu
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