Logbook entry

Lambast Mercy / 15 Jan 3306
A Rough Guide to Colonia Day 3 - 4

Monday Evening

Well, that was an easy day with very little to say about it. Petra Olmanova just wanted 200 Progenitor Cells. What can I say about that? I could have made my life easy and striped out some models and slap some more racks to get 200 cells over in one jump, but I wanted the chance to run into other commanders. It didn’t happen. I did three runs to get Petra all her cells from a jump or two away. That was it, I just dropped them off to her at Sanctuary in Asura.

Sanctuary. The settlers in Colonia didn't mess with a design that works.

I tweaked my Missile Boat a little further and dry-docked for the rest of the evening. I was to meet with Commander Scubadog, but he didn’t answer my hails. Hopefully, I’ll catch him tomorrow for a chat and experience a day in the life of a Colonia citizen. In the meantime, I’m going to build a Type 9 Heavy Miner because the last engineer I need to get to know here wants Ten tons of Osmium to open her workshop to me.

I’ve built a Python and Conda miner, so a T9H should be an easy task. I’ll get onto that tomorrow if Commander Scubadog doesn’t invite me to talk before I get to work.

Tuesday Evening

I didn't do much today as I'm not feeling well. A stuffy head and blocked nose don't put one in the mood to "Pull Gees" so I relaxed for the most part. That is something that I found very easy to do here in Colonia, relax. I am making an effort to conduct my business here and get back home, but I find my self taking the laid back and ambling approach that Colonia encourages.

I did wait up for Bloo to read Guards Guards, but she didn't keep her 1am appointment. To stop my self from falling asleep while I waited, I did fly to the Benzaiten system and test my newly upgraded Missile Boat. The combo of Beam Lasers to hack shields, and penetrating missiles to damage critical systems sounds good, but my Fer-De-Lance, Angry Badger with its five Plasma build, or the Chieftain, Legs-O-Lamb with a Beam Laser+ Shock Cannon combo gets the job done much quicker. If I can't learn how to use missiles effectively, I think I'll try a Shot Gun To The Face build for my Gunship, Lamb Bam Thk U Ma'am.

With that disappointing performance behind me, I docked at Bisley Landing ready for tomorrow's appointment with Commander Scubadog.
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