Logbook entry

FireyJohn132 / 13 Jan 3306
CMDR Biamonte's Personal Log #2

It's been a while since I last updated, but I'll keep it brief. My main courier travel has been completed, and I begun to start looking for the generation ships while also collecting system data on each system I jump to. So far, I've seen the first 6 ships (Lycaon, Venusian, Hyperion, Odysseus, Thesis, and Pleione) and collected enough system data to rank me up to Trailblazer, but I'm having a problem. The logs on the Venusian and the Pleione have no audio like the rest, meaning I can't listen to it unless I go online and search for its audio. So far, I've narrowed it down to two reasons. A: there are only four audio logs in total for these two ships, which may or may not be coincidental, but I can't be certain. Or B: I start those log scans on a signal that isn't containing the number 0 in its name. For every other ship, I start with 0, and I don't know why but I usually start on a different number. I'll worry about it later. I'm at the Pleione, getting ready to shoot off to the Atlas, hoping I get more system data and making sure those audio logs work because that ship is my personal favorite out of the rest of the ships. Regardless, I'll supercruise to the next ship soon, but for now, I have other pressing matters that require my attention outside of commanding.
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