Logbook entry

Catnip Witch / 14 Jan 3306
Formidine Rift Exploration

On 07 JAN 3306, me and several others from HYCO set out to explore the Formidine Rift. Here we are before setting out: https://cmdrcatnipwitch31.tumblr.com/post/190246173127/the-beginning-on-07-jan-3306-me-and-several

We first made checkpoint in the Crab Nebula. Station X out there was a sight for sore eyes.

From Crab Nebula we then headed to the Formidine Rift Alpha site, as seen here: https://cmdrcatnipwitch31.tumblr.com/post/190246257012/ah-the-formidine-rift-alpha-site-it-was-spooky

After this, a couple of members had to turn back due to news that the Thargoids were returning, and HYCO is primarily combat and xeno-hunting more than exploration. Since I am a designated explorer, I wanted to press further into the Rift and see how far I could go.

The next spot is one my husband, CMDR Satcom2023 told me to visit. The Zurara, located orbiting Syreadiae JX-F c0 1, is an abandoned megaship with audio logs you can scan. If you want to know more about the lore behind it but don't want to make the trip out there, here: https://canonn.science/codex/the-zurara/

After that, I was on my own to explore as I pleased. I decided to cross over into the Elysian Shore, using an O Class star as a checkpoint. While I was on my way I was doing my usual honk and scan when I found a planet with biological signals, four of them to be exact.

What I was happy to find at each of these sites were pumpkins, CMDR husband called them. The scientific term is Rubeum Bioluminescent Anemones, and boy some of them were huge! Pumpkins larger than my SRV! You can see them here, and visit them on Schafeau DB-O E6-0! This netted me a 50K Codex payout. Noice.

Here are the photos for the creepy and large pumpkins, https://cmdrcatnipwitch31.tumblr.com/post/190246629442/the-stellar-background-with-the-glow-of-the
And a short video with audio showing just how creepy the glow was: https://cmdrcatnipwitch31.tumblr.com/post/190246666019/you-never-know-what-youll-find-out-here

Once I was done checking out all the sites and finding new materials, I continued on to the O class star I set as a marker.

Passing this checkpoint boosted my confidence to keep going, as well as provided a stellar shot. Not long after that I had a big blue wavy boi, waving me into a new system: https://cmdrcatnipwitch31.tumblr.com/post/190246727227/the-o-class-star-was-massive-and-the-bottom-boi

I decided I would make the long trek home. 183 jumps from the O class star to Udihokoja (my home system) felt like nothing now, so I decided to stop along certain systems to explore. I found a planet with carbon dioxide geysers, and scanning them got me another 50K Codex payday. The site I landed at was at the bottom of a hilly canyon, and it would rumble as I drove near certain geysers.


And finally, here are the results from my first large expedition:

Start date: Jan 7 3306
End date: Jan 13 3306

Starting credits: 22,491,134
Ending credits: 109,506,707

Expedition CR total: 87,061,045

Rank before: Ranger (19%)
Rank after: Pioneer (11%)

74,796 data point Intel for empire
59,996 data point Intel for federation
45,471 data point Intel for alliance
100,000 Codex discoveries

Highest payout: 3,499,218
Total hyperspace jumps: 1,602
Max distance from start: 13,276
Systems visited: 1,346

Current play time: 6D 19H 37M

All around, it was an amazing journey and the feeling I got getting closer to the bubble as I returned was like no other. I've come to really love exploration, and I will no doubt hit Elite one day. Next month I will be getting a new computer and I am looking to start roleplaying in Elite and recording videos to post. This has turned into a great hobby and even if no one else cares, it's nice to come home and know that I have endless potential in this simulated scale of our universe. And being able to play alongside my husband has given me a joy I didn't think possible. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.
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