Logbook entry

Kris Afron / 15 Jan 3306
Log 008 - Formidine Rift Run

I'm writing this log from Soascs XB-J d-10, 21 jumps away from my next waypoint, Tyrooff SC-N c9-0 on my way to Crab Sector Dl-Y d9, where I hope to dock at Station X.

Since my last log, I made it to Ooscs Aeb IV-Y d0 towards the southern edge of the galaxy and once there I pressed forward (or southward) using FSD boost to get the extra mileage out of my FSD. Some of these hops were over 120 ly, but they had to be or I wasn't getting any further. I ended up at Pha Euhn ZO-I d9-0, way out there in the sticks with nothing in view ahead and it all behind me.

I turned east for a few hops and decided that I could make my way back home via a circuitous route taking in Point Decision at Aicods KD-K d8-3.

Funnily enough since I left the Formidine Rift area, most systems I've visited have been pristine and unseen by human eyes before which is quite pleasing (and somewhat profitable too). There was a brief period where I think I crossed a circumnavigation route on my way south where every system I hopped into had already been discovered by a commander *****Diablo10 (can't remember the beginning of his name), but that stopped once I started using the FSD boost.

After Point Decision I've taken the course to Station X an i'll make my way back to the bubble from there.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off. Fly safely commanders.
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