Logbook entry

Bruce Coldrum / 15 Jan 3306
Adventures of Bruce Coldrum, Explorer of the great void 0003

After arriving at Procyon, at Davy Dock station, I contacted the local administrator for any jobs they might have on behalf of Sirius Corporation. Turns out they had the perfect job for me:

Some people in the Alpha Centauri system needed cases of wine delivered worth, allegedly, 3.3 million credits. So I asked him: What's the catch? He said something along the lines of it's quite a trip. So I asked if there were pirates on this route. He said not more than usual. By this point automated refueling and pre flight checks were done on the Daedalus, and I smelled the credits waiting at the other end. I may be an explorer, but a large pile of credits is not to be sniffed at!

So I set out to Alpha Centauri, fed the details into the nav computer, and it turns out the drop off location is at a place called Hutton Orbital. I'd heard that name mentioned before in the bar. Hutton Orbital. I thought nothing of it and engaged supercruise after setting a course.

At that point, LEO kicks in, and informs me the destination is a good .21 light-years away. I see I cannot use the FSD supercharged jump ability and now realize I am in for quite a long flight. There's the catch right there.

After a good hour in compressed travel time (FTL for the win!) I finally arrived at Hutton Orbital. At first I can't find a landing pad (despite it's remote location this place is well visited, it seems) I land and claim my reward. I opt for a smaller amount of credits over a reputation gain with Sirius Corp. Then I decide to check what all the hubbub was all about. Why do people come here? Turns out, they brew a special kind of gin here, only sold here at least, and some unique kitchenware. Now I tested it, and can safely say these mugs are truly unbreakable. I now understand why everyone would want one. Unprecedented.

After considering the local market items, I decided to visit the local parts market. Now this is where Hutton Orbital truly shines: I am now the proud owner of a class 6B fuel scoop (twice the size of my previous scoop!) at the expense of roughly half my cargo bay. I also significantly down-scaled my shield to a bi-weave configuration for the time being.

Tonight I expect to leave back for the Sirius Corp controlled systems...
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